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You will be stepping into a Great Place to Work zone and we have proved it.


Positivity Every Where

We not only believe in positive work culture but ensure positive vibes all around.


Best Teams

Best teams are around you and always ready to share knowledge to bring best in you.

perfect combo

Perfect Combo

From training for development to Group Health Insurance to optional holiday to fun and masti, we ensure every associate is perfectly engaged with perfect balance between work and life.

one family

One Family

At Sathguru We strongly believe in the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam…One family…Sathguru family. We strive to achieve personal and professional goals together.



A healthy body and soul will create difference, our wellness initiatives ensure both.

Director's Desk


Each day dawns with exciting opportunities & challenges.
At the end of the day you walk with pride of having brought to the table great innovative solutions for our clients & Sathguru.
At Sathguru you have unlimited opportunities to learn, explore, express, & experiment.

With exciting assignments, great work culture, transparent policies, innovative employee engagement initiatives, we at Sathguru focus on continuous learning& personality development.

Sathguru is a family of affectionate & caring people & we stand by our employees at all times whether it’s a professional or personal need.

I am confident that we will will go a long way together in contributing to the success of Sathguru’s initiatives.

If you have the passion for innovation & delivering excellence, then Sathguru is the right place to unleash it.

Hi, I am Hema Vijayaraghavan, wishing you a great learning experience at Sathguru.

Learning and Development

Sathguru Wellness Session – Toddlers to Teens

Sathguru Wellness Session – Toddlers to Teens-5

Trapped in the daily routine of the numerous activities from school to games, the young ones often miss out on the right nutrients that are essential for the growing mind and body. A wellness Session on Healthy Eating for Children: Toddlers to Teens – The New Norm was facilitated by Dr. Latha Sashi, Chief Nutritionist, Head-Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Department, Fernandez Hospital, Hyderabad.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing- The Ever-Evolving Phenomenon-sathguru

As an effort to keep up the environment of continuous learning, Mr. Vijay Pasupulati and Mr. Debajyoti Sharma from GreyCampus shared their experience and knowledge with the senior associates of Sathguru on strategies and tools to create successful digital marketing plans through an engaging session on December 12, 2020.

Work Life Balance @ Sathguru

Sathguru Employees Relish the Game Time – Carrom and Chess Tournament 2022

Sathguru Recognized Among Top 75 India’s Best Workplaces™ For Women 2022 By Great Place To Work®

Over the last 38 years, Sathguru has nurtured a culture where diversity is not only embraced but valued; and an inclusive work environment has been fostered with concerted effort.

Revisiting Memories and Celebrating Fatherhood Featuring Sathguru Cool Dads

Father’s Day is all about honoring and celebrating the bond between father and children. One may say that a single day of the year is barely enough to express love and admire someone who has been a support system since day one.
Sathguru Employees Relish the Game Time – Carrom and Chess Tournament 2022

Sathguru Employees Relish the Game Time – Carrom and Chess Tournament 2022

If there is anything that the pandemic has taught us all, it is to cherish the little moments, appreciate dear ones, and celebrate the tiny wins.

Sathguru Is Great Place To Work-Certified™ Sixth Time In A Row!

It was a hat-trick, then a hi-five, and now a sixer. Sathguru wins Great Place to Work Certification sixth time in a row for its excellent work culture and it's no surprise.
Women's Day 2022 Celebrations at Sathguru

Women's Day 2022 - Celebrating the Sathguru Shaktis

Women's Day Celebrations 2022 was an amazing experience of bonding for all the Sathguru Shaktis. At Sathguru, women employees are celebrated every day.

Valentine’s Evening At Sathguru – A Sneak Peek Into The Love-Filled Event!

A day with different cultures and traditions of its own, Valentine’s Day is celebrated to express love and affection to each other. When it comes to celebrating love and togetherness, Sathguru never steps back.
Valentine’s-Day-Celebrations at sathguru

Rewards And Recognition Ceremony At Sathguru

It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon, December 26, 2021. Sathguru saw the kids jumping crazily & playing around the beautiful Christmas tree and the employees and spouses clicking pictures around the hotel’s huge lobby.

Save The Right Way

Bhuvan Verma, AVP, Investment Counsellor, Citi Bank, addressed Sathguru associates on Saving the Right Way, highlighting the importance of savings & investments
Save The Right Way
Dental Hygiene

Chat Time With Dr Tanuja To Enhance Our Smile

While your dentist probably isn’t on the list of people you miss while surviving the COVID 19 pandemic, there’s a good reason you should be thinking about when you should get the next dental check-up.

Funtakshari - A Melodious Escape

As we collectively work towards emerging from the grips of the worldwide pandemic, Sathguru Management Consultants recognizes the amazing power of music in uniting, healing and uplifting the mood of the associates and their families.

Winning against COVID- Vaccination Drive @ Sathguru

Last few months have been quite challenging for all with the second wave taking away many precious lives. What stood strong all through was Sathguru’s determination towards prioritizing the wellbeing of their most important asset – Sathguru’s family members. 

Father’s Day Celebrations @ Sathguru

At Sathguru Management Consultants, we celebrated our fathers in a memorable way, without the commercial pressures surrounding this special day
Father's day
Sathguru Vaccination Drive

Sathguru’s Vaccination Drive

Sathguru’s priority throughout the pandemic has been health & safety of associates. The second wave of covid – 19 has spread like a wild fire and has gripped the country with fear and to fight against this, we all need to put our best efforts together.

Mother’s Day Celebrations @ Sathguru

Mother is a walking miracle, no other being on Earth can love us unconditionally as our mothers do. They are truly living angels shaping our lives in every possible way right from making us put our first foot forward to making us a responsible citizen, they do it all. Words can hardly express what a mother does for her children, making them what they are today.
Group Photo-Mothers-Day
A Glimpse of the Murder Mystery Evening @ Sathguru

Murder…. Mysteries…. & More…. @ Sathguru

An evening filled with thrill and mystery was organized for the Sathguru family as a refresher amidst the gloom of the pandemic. The kids of Sathguru had a ball as they had the maximum fun in the event. It was an engaging session that had overwhelming participation engrossing all age groups.

Celebrating The Sathguru Shakti

Times have evolved and so have the women who have moved out of stereotypes and have matched shoulders with men in various fields. There are instances where gender no more stands as a concern. Time has proven that women are multi-taskers managing households and professional deliveries with ease and efficiency.
A Celebration of Love & Friendship

A Celebration of Love & Friendship

To quote Shakespeare "Love can't be found where it doesn't exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does", it was an evening dipped in emotions of bonding and love for the Sathguru family. Valentine’s Day brings in a flurry of emotions for everyone around the world, the emotion to express love for the special ones and to celebrate a day in a little special way out of the mundane.

Sathguru Kids Musical

The budding talents of Sathguru family have the power of enticing everyone with their melody, rhythm and spirit. Sharing a glimpse of the fun-filled virtual Kids Musical.
Sathguru Kids Musical
Sathguru Music Album 2020

Sathguru Music Album 2021

A great surprise was unveiled during the New Year Bash of 2021, it was the launch of Sathguru Music Album. The first of its kind, where the musicians of the Sathguru Family united to create a magical experience.

Celebrations for new beginnings – Virtual New Year bash with Sathguru family

Sathguru ushered in a new year with new hope, new aspirations and new excitement, keeping aside a not-so-good year. It was a gala celebration on the evening of January 1 which witnessed enthusiastic participation of all the Sathguru associates and their family.
New Year Invitation
Lockdown Treasure Hunt

“ Lockdown Treasure Hunt “ @ Home

As the world continues to battle through the pandemic, with most countries under lockdown, connecting with associates – through digital platforms proves to be relevant and top of mind for every organization. Working from home, associates cannot walk over to their colleagues’ desks. Hence to interact with our associates & their family members in the virtual world, we have come up with fun filled activities.

Sathguru Celebrates the Festival of Light

Just like every year, the Diwali celebration at Sathguru this year was nothing less. Team Sathguru connected virtually for a grand Diwali event on November 22 evening.
SMC diwali
Our Proud chefs

Sathguru Masterchef Challenge Season 1 - Parents and Grandparents

At Sathguru, lockdown period has been witnessing a rush of various challenges & here we come up with another opportunity of connecting with the families of our associates and this time with “Parents & Grandparents”.

Sathguru Family Time – Dil Se, Dil Khol Ke..Manasu lo mata

We take pride in initiating our first ever virtual talk show, Sathguru Family Time – Dil Se, Dil Khol Ke..Manasu lo mata connecting our associates & their family members. We were overwhelmed with the response and the incredible love showered by them.

Sathguru-Group chat

Learning and Development


As part of Learning & Development initiative, Sathguru provides continues learning opportunities to their associates. Various advanced professional courses are organized throughout the year, that not only guides them in their core technical area but also help them imbibe the nuances to emerge as successful leaders.

Fab Friday



Sathguru Musical Evening

The unbridled conversations with the known faces on the screens harvested into another virtual event that had fewer words and more music.

Sathguru Family Chat Show revealed the abundant talent in our associates and their family members which got the right honing during the lockdown phase.
Sathguru – A Deep-rooted culture of Familial Bonding

Sathguru – A Deep-rooted culture of Familial Bonding

Ambitious minds have a certain affinity towards challenges and that is what makes them a suitable candidate for any professional environment. But the prolonged period of challenge that the entire world is into is something that could have never been fathomed and has vexed even the strongest of minds.

Family Reflections

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