Revisiting Memories and Celebrating Fatherhood Featuring Sathguru Cool Dads

Father’s Day is all about honoring and celebrating the bond between father and children. One may say that a single day of the year is barely enough to express love and admire someone who has been a support system since day one. During our recent Father’s Day celebrations at Sathguru, we uncovered that there is more to Father’s Day than just a celebration. While it is seemingly apparent that the day allows children to shower their super dads with love and appreciation, it also proffers the fathers a unique opportunity to treasure and appreciate their own journey of parenting and fatherhood.

No matter how old the children grow, they will always be kids in the eyes of their fathers. From holding their hands and teaching them to walk, to being their role model, a father’s role in the lives of their children is unsurpassed.

American businessman and billionaire, David Gottesman quotes, “Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers and fathering is a very important stage in their development.”

This pretty much sums up the significance and beauty of fatherhood. Behind the strong superhero persona and incessant efforts to balance everything, there is growth, learning, and pride in every stage of fatherhood. And there is no better occasion than Father’s Day to celebrate it all.

Father’s Day Celebrations with Sathguru Cool Dads

At Sathguru, we make sure that every father, and every employee, for that matter, put their family above all. Sathguru is a family and we never fail to live up to the decorum. We fondly address our employees’ families as ‘Sathguru extended family.’ From celebrating the tiniest of wins to introducing and implementing health & wellness initiatives and family connect activities, we constantly make sure that Sathguru family and the extended family are well included and benefitted.

Father’s Day evening started off with Sathguru dads gathering over hi-tea and snacks. They came forward with great enthusiasm and shared their personal experiences of fatherhood. They palpably enjoyed strolling through their memory lanes and sharing the emotional, funny, silly, difficult, and joyous parts of their journeys so far. It was a great time to get to know each other’s families better and to absorb the lessons they had to offer. Not only that, they have listed a ‘WOW moment in fatherhood’ that remains extremely special and memorable to them.

The wholesome evening then furthered into an exciting rapid fire round with fun questions on how well they know their children. All the dads did pretty well, we must admit. They were then greeted with surprise caricatures curated individually for each father and crafted meticulously with a personal touch. The quirky presents had them awestruck with joy and excitement. This has to be the highlight of the evening. It didn’t end there. Our inboxes have been brimming with adorable, cute, funny, silly, stupid, and crazy pictures of Sathguru dads with their children for the Father’s Day Contest. After all the wait, we finally declared the winners through voting and it was a cut-throat competition considering how adorable all the pictures are. A total of 6 winners were awarded presents for the best pictures.

Here’s the list of winners:

Winner: Balachandra from Software Products Division with 26 votes

First runners-up: Venkat Rao from Accounts & Vijay Paranjape from Management Consulting Division with 22 votes

Second runner-up: Venu Gopal from Catalysers with 18 votes

Third runners-up: Sriram from Management Consulting Division and Nagendra Raju from Software Products Division with 15 votes

Hearty Congratulations to all the winners!

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Revisiting Memories and Celebrating Fatherhood Featuring Sathguru Cool Dads

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