Sathguru Wellness Session – Toddlers to Teens

Trapped in the daily routine of the numerous activities from school to games, the young ones often miss out on the right nutrients that are essential for the growing mind and body. A wellness Session on Healthy Eating for Children: Toddlers to Teens – The New Norm was facilitated by Dr. Latha Sashi, Chief Nutritionist, Head-Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Department, Fernandez Hospital, Hyderabad.

The session was extremely knowledgeable and covered the important topics of rainbow diets, boosting immunity, plant proteins and other essential factors necessary for the growing years of a child. Dr. Latha Sashi elaborated on adding colours to the meal in the form of raw salads or varieties of other nutritious food that can attract the colourful minds of the young kids and can provide the right diet to the teens and toddlers. She also stressed that besides a rainbow balanced diet, exercise & recreational activities and proper sleep are also essential for the developing years. Dr. Latha also shared interesting insights like

  • A vegetable or a fruit that is not liked by a child, can be experimented in various forms like dips, shakes and presented in a better way to make it interesting for the kid.
  • She insisted on involving the young ones while trying out new and healthy recipes, which will keep them occupied as well as grow their interest in having healthy and nutritious food.
  • She did not completely discourage junk food but pressed on the point that junk food cannot be a part of the daily routine, it can be an occasional option as far as it is not too frequent.
  • Cutting down on added sugar is another point that she dealt on. There was a complete analysis of the effects of natural sugar in fruits and the added sugar in other beverages and also the effect of diet drinks.
  • Avoid emotional eating as it leads to overeating and adding unrequired calories.
  • Having a distinct meal time with the family and not in front of any screen be it mobile or TV.
  • Staying natural and avoiding processed food and preservatives leads to a healthy eating habit for all.

The session had active participation of Sathguru family, clients, Sathguru Alumni and extended family members. It was an extremely informative and interactive session and there was a flurry of questions by worried parents and teens who had many queries on nutrient values of food. The key takeaway of the session was to inculcate a healthy eating habit for a kid, and it is the family that must eat healthy as children primarily learn by imitating their elders.

Let’s Eat Healthy and Stay Fit!

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