Sathguru Music Album 2021

A great surprise was unveiled during the New Year Bash of 2021, it was the launch of Sathguru Music Album. The first of its kind, where the musicians of the Sathguru Family united to create a magical experience.

The theme of the music videos were based on the diversity that each month of the year brings upon us. Each month has its unique attributes that affect the daily activities of our busy schedules. The videos were an ode to the colorful vibrance that the months and its associated seasons bring along.

January brings along the essence of new hope and a fresh start while February brings in romance, love and everything nice. March marks the advent of the warm winds that bring along the colorful season of spring and the celebration of Holi, April celebrates the bloom all around, as it is the time when the plants begin to grow. May is a month of stability and comfort where the sun is warm, the flowers bloom and the birds rejoice. June brings in a youthful vigor while July makes us wise, August is dedicated to freedom, independence of our country and celebration of our culture and also to the advent of the monsoon. September ushers in a flurry of Indian festivals and the celebration of culture and faith continues till November which holds a primary significance to the festival of lights – Diwali. December rounds up the entire journey through the year and we indulge in vibrant merry-making for Christmas and for the upcoming days of renewed hope and energy.

The Sathguru Musical Album presents two videos- a hindi and a multilingual video with a regional flavor depicting the diversity that India as a nation celebrates. Let the music in our hearts play on!

A special appreciation to the musicians of Sathguru family – Anu Modi, Deeksha, Riti, Shalini and Suresh Bk who have lent their melodious voices for the album.

Credits to Zohaib for his creative contribution to the video.

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