Sathguru Wellness Initiative – ENT Camp for Employees & General Public, in association with MAA ENT Hospitals

Hearing is essential for maintaining relationships and connections with friends and family, fully participating in team & community activities and experiencing life events. Hearing makes it possible to engage, listen, laugh and share which helps in shaping the quality of our life. And of course, Sathguru would love to ensure that everyone experiences an enriched life.

Though most of  us are quite health conscious and are keeping a constant track of our well-being, with busy life schedules, few things get pushed back, especially when it comes to regular check-ups like dental, eyesight, ENT etc.

These days our ears are plugged in with headphones most of the time and we often overlook hearing and take it for granted because we don’t feel a reason to get it checked, unless we experience pain or hearing impairment. With Covid pandemic dominating our lives, we are more digitalized now and shifted our gears to a virtual platform moving all in-person conversations and meetings to online.

ENT-camp-at sathguruAt Sathguru, nothing is more important than employee’s  health & wealth being. In addition to various other wellness initiatives, Sathguru organized an ENT camp in association with MAA ENT hospitals for employees, their family members, alumni, friends, relatives & folks from the neighbourhood. We are glad that over 100 associates & their family members and general public have benefitted by this drive.

The whole process was conducted seamlessly, maintaining social distancing and  following all Covid protocols.

The doctors from MAA ENT Hospitals, initiated the check-up process using the latest technology and prescribed next course of action.

An inclusive & non-invasive evaluation of the hearing was carried out by the audiologist, using an audiometer in a quiet environment by playing series of sounds at different pitches through a pair of headphones to analyse hearing challenges, if any.  Based on the results, thorough explanation and interpretation of these results were provided, followed by a one on one consultation with the doctor.

In the excitement of welcoming the new year, most of us may forget to keep a track of our own health at its best but thanks to Sathguru for planning timely health initiatives and giving a perfect reason to celebrate a healthy life style.

It doesn’t stop there…! A series of wellness initiatives have been lined up across the year  for employees and  their family members,  with the upcoming  Master Health Check-up in February 2022 .

Sathguru takes this opportunity to thank the patience, time & efforts of

Mr. Ravindra, VP, MAA Hospitals, Dr. Swheta and their dedicated team in conducting the ENT camp at Sathguru office on 6th Janurary, 2022.

Together lets achieve, “Hearing life the way we should, because our lives are worth hearing”


Sathguru ENT Health checkup - Beneficiaries Speak

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Sathguru Wellness Initiative – ENT Camp

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