Sankalp hosted its annual Fundraising Food Festival ‘Khan Paan Dukaan’. The initiative was organized with a view to raise funds for supporting the education of girl children across India, focusing on Hyderabad. The Food Festival served Hyderabadi, Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisine. While the majority of food was cooked and served by all the employees of the company, the initiative was also supported by Minerva Grand.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Hemalatha Vijayaraghan, Founder of Sankalp said, “The food festival had received overwhelming response from Hyderabadis. The price is fixed at the minimal making it feasible for the participants to enjoy a variety of food. Since this event was meant to raise money to support girl child education, the guests were more than willing to contribute anything over & above the price range. With more than 300 participants, we’ve raised about Rs 2,50,000 which exceeded our expectations. Through this we would be able to support an additional 50 children”

We are very happy that many employees and non-employees of Sathguru Management Consultants have come forward to give hope to children fighting thalassemia and cancer. Every drop of blood counts to save a life. We believe that this initiative will stir up many such generous hearts to come forward and save the lives of many.”

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