Sankalp Siksha – School kits distribution program

Education is essential for the growth and success of children, but unfortunately, many are forced to drop out of school for various reasons. In India, many children attend government or affordable schools in low-income neighborhoods. For underprivileged children, government schooling or scholarships may provide some relief from the burden of school fees. However, obtaining basic school supplies like bags, books, pens, and pencils remains a significant challenge. Parents facing financial hardship often struggle to provide these necessary supplies. This lack of access to essential supplies can lead to low self-esteem and hinder learning outcomes, ultimately impacting the quality of education. Furthermore, children who can’t afford supplies may feel excluded and teased by their classmates, leading to a lack of focus and further hindering their academic progress.

With the primary goal of combating school dropouts, bolstering self-esteem and, thereby academic performance, Sankalp, in collaboration with Aurobindo Pharma Foundation Laurus Labs, Bharat Biotech, Hyderabad Racing Motor Private Limited, and Sathguru Management Consultants, has distributed over 4500 school kits to children studying in government and private schools across two districts in Telangana. The kit included essential school supplies such as a bag, ten notebooks, pens, erasers, crayons, geometry boxes, color pencils, lunch boxes, and water bottles.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to our generous donors for their unwavering commitment to our communities and genuine dedication to steering children toward academic excellence, thus paving the way for a brighter future. Volunteers from our partner organizations have exhibited exceptional community spirit, actively engaging in school kit distribution events across these districts.

The school principals deeply appreciated Sankalp and our project sponsors for their invaluable efforts. They emphasize that these initiatives play a key role in supporting students who, due to financial constraints, might otherwise lack access to fundamental educational supplies, thereby fostering continuous education.

List of schools covered:

S. No School Name Village Name Mandal
1 MPPS, ZPHS, Harijanawada, and Thanda Primary Schools Thurkapally  




2 MPPS Bommarasipet
3 Primary School and High School Majidpur
4 MPPS – Aliyabad, MPPS – Harizanawada, ZPHS – Pittalaguda Aliyabad
5 MPPS and ZPHS Ponnal
6 MPPS Babaguda
7 Urban Residential School Ghatkesar
8 MPUPS Upparapally
9 MPPS and ZPHS Shamirpet
10 MPPS Potharam Mudchinthapally
11 MPPS Uddamarri
12 MPPS and ZPHS Panyal  


13 MPPS Badampet
14 MPPS Madura
15 MPPS Nawabpet
16 Radiant High School Chintal Basti Kairatabad
17 Holy Mary High School
18 Little Angels High School Yellamabanda Kukatpally
19 St. Theresa’s Girls High School Sanathnagar Sanathnagar
20 St. Ann’s High School Shanti Nagar Madeenaguda
21 Auxillium Navajeevana Orphanage Boiguda Secunderabad
22 Auxillium Navajeevana Orphanage Srinivasa Colony Boduppal
  • MPPS – Mandal Parishad Primary School
  • MPUPS – Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School
  • ZPHS – Zilla Parishad High School

Providing each child with their school kit boosts their self-confidence and fosters an environment conducive to learning. This initiative ensures that students can focus on their studies without needing to borrow supplies from their peers, enabling a more seamless educational experience for every child.


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