Donate Online

  • INR 10000/- Supports education for one girl child for one year
  • INR 5000/- Supports education for one girl child for six months
  • INR 2500/- Supports education for one girl child for three months
  • INR 850/- Supports education for one girl child for one month

This contribution cover tuition fee and counselling support for children

Project Pants are awareness sessions for children, parents, teachers and community members to Recognize, React and Report CSA

  • INR 4000/- per session to one class with 40 students
  • INR 40000/- per school one school with 10 classes
  • INR 5000/- per session to teachers in one school
  • INR 50000/-  for 10 sessions to teachers from 10 schools

This contribution will cover training materials, facilitation cost, transportation, snacks and water during the sessions.

Blanket donation drive to homeless and destitute living on the streets of Hyderabad during winters

  • INR 150/- for one blanket
  • INR 300/- for two blankets
  • INR 600/- for four blankets
  • INR 900/- for six blankets
  • INR 1200/- for eight blankets
  • INR 1500/- for ten blankets

One blanket would be provided to a homeless person sleeping on the streets

Humanitarian response to COVID-19 affected families

  1. Donate INR 1000 for one grocery kit
  2. Donate INR 2000 for one senior citizen kit
  3. Donate INR 500 for one happy bleeding kit

This support will provide essentials to families affected by COVID-19