Gift a School Kit to an Underprivileged Child and Unlock a Bright Year

Providing every child with their own school kit can boost their self-esteem, create a positive learning environment, and help them focus on their studies without distractions

A school kit will include a bag, notebooks, pens, erasers, crayons, a geometry box, color pencils, a lunch box, and a water bottle.
Each kit would cost INR 1000

Donate generously and contribute for a productive and motivating academic year

*School supplies would be provided as per the class and need of children



School Kit

Bag, Notebooks, Pens, Eraser, Crayons box, Geometry box, Color pencils, Lunch box, Water bottle

Cost per kit

₹ 1000

Cost per kit

$ 13.47

Enter Number of Kits

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