A step towards keeping her dream alive


Omlatha is a 12 year old student studying in class 7. She wants to become a teacher when she grows up. She is the youngest in her family. Her father works as a daily labourer. Both her brothers Durga Prasad and Vishnu are physically and mentally disabled hence are ineligible to earn a living. The cause of supporting the student is her downtrodden background so Sankalp chose her for the scholarship program under Sankalp shiksha.

We will provide the donor with:

  • Photograph and case study of the child
  • Progress report of the child
  • 80 G tax benefit receipt
  • Thank you card from the child
  • Annual report

The donor can choose to support the cause in the following ways:

Personal Info

Online transfer to Sankalp, the account details are as follow

Account Name: SANKALP

Account No: 751435108

Bank: Indian Bank, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad – 500 073

IFSC Code: IDIB000S052


Donation Total: ₹10,000.00