Funtakshari – A Melodious Escape

As we collectively work towards emerging from the grips of the worldwide pandemic, Sathguru Management Consultants recognizes the amazing power of music in uniting, healing and uplifting the mood of the associates and their families.

On a Fun Friday, July 23rd, Sathguru organized an Antakshari event- a spirited and fun competition to engage remote teams that brought out the Sathguru community’s passion for music. The event was held virtually and consisted of four teams.

The ice breaker round that consisted of evergreen retro hits like Kishore Kumar’s “Aa chal  ke tujhe” set the ball rolling. All the teams made their soulful musical contributions and led us into game. The first round of the Antakshari event gave the participating teams an opportunity to sing as many songs as they liked from a plethora of movies like Orange, Bommarilu, Mohabattein, etc. mentioned on a list. The catch here was that the songs had to be sung within a limit of one minute. The associates & their children participated with a joyous zeal and sang several songs like oola oolala, AlaVaikunthapurramuloo, Pehla pehla pyar, nenu nuvvantu, etc. As the evening progressed, the excitement in the ambience peaked !

As the famous adage goes, “Feelings can be expressed through music,” the second round of Sathguru’s Funtakshari gave associates a stage to express their emotions through musical themes. The teams were encouraged to pick a theme from a list and sing songs befitting it within a limit of two minutes. The second round refreshed our memory of invigorating songs like chaand chupa baadal mei, aaj ki raat hona hai kya, ye kaali kaali aakhein, etc. In the third round, the participants were given a taste of challenge when they were asked to sing songs of Bollywood and Tollywood hit movie couples. The associates and their families enjoyed themselves to the tune of songs like suraj hua madhhyam, yeh ladka hai allah, mirchi, orori raja veeradhi veera, what is your mobile number ? etc.

The evening clearly showed the talent and passion of the participants, who sang a myriad of beautiful songs. The Final Round was a close affair, with multiple teams within striking distance of first place. Events like these cannot be held without equally enthusiastic and passionate audience who, even with this event being virtual, showed up and supported the event admirably. Kudos to all the participants for showing such enthusiasm !

This event was the perfect recipe for associates to come together and celebrate as one big family.

Here’s a glimpse of the Funtakshari event…Here’s a glimpse of the Funtakshari event…

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