Murder…. Mysteries…. & More…. @ Sathguru

What can be more intriguing than mysteries? The quest for the unknown has always been an area of curiosity for human mind. Thrilled eyes glued to the laptop screens, memorizing clues and visualizing the probable solutions – that was what the Sathguru Murder Mystery evening looked like.  

When everyone was bogged down by the rage of the covid-19 pandemic, the thrill and the excitement was a refresher to rerouting the gloom. The mystery bound us all to an engrossing and exciting evening. A mixed bag of murder scenes was presented to the audience along with the way the crime occurred and the probable suspects. The audience had to either identify the murderer or to state probable reason for their arrest. There were instances where a little observation worked wonder or common sense changed the game. 

What stole the show that evening were the kids of Sathguru family. They were hands-down winners proving yet again that the pandemic might have contained them within the four walls but their spirits are unstoppable. We could hear tender voices coming up with solutions even when the crime scenes were on the go. The enthusiasm, the vigor was extremely addictive and that pumped in a lot of energy into the sessions where the adult participants were also compelled to put their brains to work. The young detectives of Sathguru had a ball that evening. It seemed like most of the questions were from the syllabus.  

The event reconnected the Sathguru family and cheered all with a great participation of the extended family through the virtual platform. The theme of the evening was indeed an enticing oneOn a broader sense, thriller and mysteries have a much wider fan base as there are many things in the world that remain unsolved mysteries forever. As a quest to solve some, the Sathguru Murder Mystery truly weaved its magic and felt like a much-needed event to reconnect and bond. 

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