Sathguru Kids Musical

Inside each one of us lives a performer, and all it takes is a platform to showcase the hidden talent. At Sathguru, we always look forward for providing a stage for our associates and extended family members to unveil their skills. Our journey of togetherness continues and we are here again showcasing junior musicians of Sathguru.

Music is melodious and more so when the musicians are kids and it’s almost impossible to match their energy levels, their frequency, their sharpness, their imagination and creativity….oh!!! The list goes on and on and on.

Whether it’s a festival or a celebration, one thing that we all do is to free our souls with music and dancedil khol ke.  It’s the most engaging activity that each one of us enjoy at any point of time unveiling our talents and nurturing an emotional bond with nature and music.

With the support of their parents, we could to get the beautiful butterfly out of the cocoon by giving them an opportunity in getting an online platform where our little stars could express themselves through the art of music. Though virtual, Sathguru musical evening was a great motivation for the budding musicians and amplified their confidence as they resonated to a large audience.

We witnessed a variety of brilliant performances by our talented junior musicians, from vocal to instrumental, from soothing violin to … piano. The performances made us to tap our feet, throw our hands up and sing along. Patriotic performances stirred our emotions while lullaby was a flashback of our childhood memories. Devotional performance made us realise the intimate connection between music and the supreme power.

What an electrifying evening it was that made our hearts beat with joy.

Here’s a glimpse of the fun filled and melodious musical evening.

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