Basix Elects Sathguru as the Best Collaborative Partner of the Decade

Basix (, a pioneer in Micro finance and promotion of sustainable livelihoods, presented “The best collaborative partner of the decade” award to Sathguru, during their recent celebrations to mark one decade of their existence and growth. This award was presented to Sathguru in competition to many collaborative partners, who have been partnering with Basix on various spheres of their business activities.

Sathguru’s information technology solutions built to Basix’s needs, in close collaboration with their domain sharing, caters to their complete operational needs and runs as the backbone of their information nerve system.

The mid-level fully integrated enterprise solution, known as “Delphix” has handled so far over Rs. 1,250 million of disbursements ranging over 1,45,000 borrowers, in the last ten years of Basix existence. The solution is known for its richness in critical review of portfolio health and thus provides pointers for effective decision-making. The solution has also been appreciated by many of Basix’s international funders and business collaborators and stood the test of various internal and external audits for effective internal control.

Sathguru is delighted to be partnering with Basix and to be an effective partner in their successful path to growth in the last one decade. Together, Sathguru and Basix are geared to scale up the solution to global delivery levels and look forward to working with many other micro finance players in key developing markets.

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