In the constant fight for survival, amidst COVID crisis, investing in girl-child education is more than a luxury for resource-poor communities. There are high chances that the children who went to schools before the pandemic, might discontinue education. Due to poverty, hunger and loss of livelihoods, there is risk of early and enforced marriages or engaging children in workforce as child labour by their parents. As a result, it will impact on sexual and reproductive health and psycho social wellbeing of girl children. While World Vision already has anecdotal evidences of a rise in child marriages in India, UNESCO anticipates that with COVID, there would be a risk of reversing at least 20 years of gains made for girls’ education and social empowerment.

Let us not allow our girls to take a backseat. It is our social responsibility to handhold the deprived children and ensures their dreams are realized!!

Sankalp promotes girl child education by providing scholarship of upto INR 10,000 per child per annam who are on the verge of dropping out from school due to socio-economic constraints. We support girl children education upto class 10.These children are exceptionally bright and deserving, and hailing from lower economic strata such as orphans, children of single parents, daily wage labourers, housemaids etc.

The scholarship currently holds a greater significance as this is the time when these young girls are in dire need of support. This scholarship will help deprived children to get back to schools and will be of a great support to the parents who are already into the gruelling battle of poverty. Most importantly, this support will enable girls to make informed choices!!

Donate….so that HER dreams don’t dwindle!


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