‘Tech playing key role in tackling pandemic in Telangana’

Hyderabad: Telangana government has been using various healthcare-based technology platforms and hardware devices to tackle and restrict spread of Covid-19 in the State. These include the launch of T-Covid-19 app, which is a single source of information on everything related to the pandemic, TWorks is developing low-cost and fully-functional ventilators and AI-based predictive analysis on the spread of the infection.

These and many more are being developed by health tech startups in the State, said Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Department of IT and Industry, Telangana.

Ranjan was speaking at Assocham Healthtech Convention being organised in association with Sathguru Management Consulting. He said, “The pandemic has shown the world and India that we are still lacking in terms of health preparedness and we need to improve our investment and skillsets in order to be more prepared in the future. In Hyderabad, most of the new cases are coming from the containment zones and technology is playing an important role in tackling the pandemic.”

The principal secretary mentioned that the reason the State decided to open up industries and the IT sector was because of the results of the predictive analysis data. The data gave inputs about the spread of pandemic till November and it showed that no new cases will come up in these areas and that is why the industry and IT sector were opened up without any restrictions.

“In terms of ventilators as well, TWorks has launched a full-fledged ventilator at one-tenth of the price of ventilators available in the market. And it has been developed by young entrepreneurs working out of the facility,” Ranjan said at a virtual event which focused on ‘Reshaping Healthcare in India’.

First Published in: Telangana Today

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