DFK Firm of the Year 2020

The journey to the quest of global excellence finally has an answer

The journey to excel among 220 illustrious accounting firms in the world has an answer

The journey to stand out among accountants from 95 countries has an answer

The journey of celebrating real achievement is the answer

Joyous moment of being recognized firm of the year 2020 by DFK International globally;

What more can team Sathguru & KVA ask for…..than just to ask “what Next” and “start preparing for next heights”

Our unquenched quest continues to next newer heights…  Till then watch and remain with us..

K Vijayaraghavan & Associates (KVA) and Sathguru have been awarded as the “DFK Firm of the Year 2020”. We have been chosen for this award amidst DFK’s 220 member firms across 95 countries.  We were chosen for this prestigious recognition on various criteria and was voted by the board as the DFK firm of the Year 2020. In the DFK AGM, the APAC Vice President recognized us by indicating that “DFK is proud to have great members like KVA and Sathguru who have got a great place to work certification for four consecutive times”. Our association with DFK since 2003 has been of great support, learning and an acknowledgement of a triumphant professional relationship. Being recognized by an eminent global association is indeed a moment of immense exuberance and gratification. We greatly acknowledge the efforts of our associates who have been instrumental in the consistent strengthening of our abilities and quality of delivery. We pledge to keep up the pace, as such impetus gives the right boost to excel in our journey ahead.

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