Paradigm Shift Artificial Intelligence

With the ever-changing landscape of technology, one has to place oneself in the frontier of the advancements of our times; especially in advancements belonging to the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The perks of being tech-savvy are innumerable. In the times where AI and Machine Learning are seeping into every nook and cranny of the world, it is high time we realize and leverage it for augmented results in the realm of Human Resource Management. Continual advancement and growth demand an appetite for dynamic decision-making and the ability to withstand paradigm shifts backed by the prowess we possess in our fields of expertise.

The gist of Human Resource Management can be boiled down to two core concepts—recruitment and retention. Recruitment, as everyone is universally familiar, involves the practice of selecting the right candidate for the required task at disposal. Then retention which is the act of retaining the right talent chosen. Each of these core concepts or the pillars of HR can greatly benefit with the usage of AI. The used cases and exemplifications for the same are elaborated in the coming paragraphs. Nonetheless, whenever the word AI is put into use, people are pushed into uncertainty and are attributing those as highly enriched practices. On the contrary, even simple tasks such as utilizing the social media and the Internet efficiently might also constitute to AI application in our field.

Upon reminiscing, we can understand the fact that practices like posting adverts for potential candidates and one on one networking events to connect with the local ecosystem for hunting talent and attracting the desired candidates have not only become strenuous or painstakingly time-consuming, it is also taking time away from the HR guys, which they can invest upon retention as well.

As mentioned previously, we can now comfortably pick the

Murali Mohan K N
Dy General Manager – Human Resource-HR
Sathguru Management Consultants

right tools and decrease the amount of time we expend in our ‘hunt’ for the perfect candidate. With tools like LinkedIn, one can post the required qualifications alongside a compelling message to find the right candidate. The social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have also been unconventional tools for recruiting potential candidates. By picking a suitable network, putting together a compelling message and targeting the right audience might fetch far more candidates to interview and pick from, than a random advert elsewhere. The advantage of these methods is the fact that we no longer target a vague audience.

At Sathguru, we put emphasis on utilizing the technology and exploiting it, of course in a positive way, to an extent that we are close to zero in terms of wasted hours spent on non-targeted market and people. We make use of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so as to connect with both the active and passive employment seekers. With the support of Branding and Corporate Communication Teams we craft catchy content; by doing so, we manage to attract the ideal candidates with a substantially lower amount of effort. We invest our time and money in gathering Data analytics on the content and adverts we post on social media so as to make sure that we take data-driven decisions which yield better results (for ex. No. of views, followers etc.)

It is advised to give equal importance to employee retention as well. There should be regular surveys using tools like Survey Monkey/Google Forms conducted on various aspects to know how comfortable our Associates are with reference to their workplace, processes etc., and make sure that the Management provides an ideal work atmosphere which drives performance. Also to make sure that none of the Associate’s achievements go unnoticed and performing associates are well recognized, awarded and rewarded at equal intervals and do their branding internally as well as externally for them to feel a sense of recognition and pride.

One of the key objectives of the HRD is to ensure improvise learning curve of Associates and by using various learning platforms, this can be managed in an efficient and effective manner with the help of technology, for example archiving of training materials and making them available to Associates will help reducing time, effort and money, and especially training in routine job functions.

Effective communication channels should be deployed for a better connect among Associates and Human Resource functions. Make process simple and give value to voice of Associates, to quote example , we have established three forms in our intranet portal viz., e-suggestion, e-grievance, e-innovation wherein employs can post their suggestions, grievance or innovative ideas and we act swiftly for every response which automatically creates a sense of value in subconscious minds of associates.

However, since every coin has a flip side and the flip side to using AI is the fact that one might not get the hang of it in the first few attempts. Flair for content creation and creativity along with a dash of patience will yield results. These methods which are mentioned are not quick and go-to tools for immediate progress. But then, these tools are practices that stand the test of time and will give a steady and upbeat result upon persistent and skilful effort.

At the end of it all, AI is not about the effective leveraging of the given advancement in the technology which helps in handling the mundane, time sinking activities and allows HR professionals to deliver actual definition of Human Resource Function. AI has a broad range of definitions and versions, in the present context; AI is all about making use of the already existent technologies and getting ahead of time. The practices that I’ve discussed are not rocket science in nature or highly intricate practices; they are the simple things that can be done, however, one cannot ride an elevator if one doesn’t know how to press the buttons. I made an attempt to throw light upon how those buttons can be pressed on your elevator.

Finally, it is extremely important to understand technology well and connect to our need so as to enable effective deliveries resulting in saving time and money or else, we may end up in adding additional cost to the organisation.


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