Sathguru Management Consultants at National Workshop – ICAR, New Delhi

27-28th September, 2017

Cornell-Sathguru was one of the key speaker organizations at the National Workshop conducted by ICAR on ‘Developing a Roadmap for Agricultural Knowledge Management in India’ conducted by ICAR – Directorate of Knowledge Management in Agriculture. The two day workshop saw a convergence of academic scholars, directors, senior scientists and representation from National/International Societies devoted to agriculture and allied sectors to exchange thoughts on current challenges, developments and the need to in develop efficient knowledge management systems within agriculture. Cornell-Sathguru provided insights on content development, offline and unrestricted access to researchers and developing robust information infrastructure through TEEAL – an essential offline library developed by Cornell University, USA to create access to quality information in developing and underdeveloped economies.

Other highlights of the key discussions during the workshop focused on Role of media and industry in knowledge management where Speakers from media presented their views on the current gaps in covering agriculture related news and updates. The session laid emphasis on the issue that researchers and media people should be brought to one platform where they can address the information gaps to bring agriculture on various platforms.Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra – Secretary, Department of Agricultural Research and Education & Director General, ICARstressed on the need formassiveefforts in information storage, analysis and dissemination so that a more farmer centric model can evolve. He discussed the power of ICT backed tools like Cloud computing, geo tagging and quantum computing that could be disruptive in agriculture. Various sessions of the workshop focused on leveraging digital systems in agriculture, animal husbandry and other allied sectors of agriculture to develop robust extension mechanisms. The panel discussion on restructuring the infrastructure for knowledge management focused on providing remote access (wherever required) and bandwidth access to all the centers instituted under ICAR; Development of e-resources on agricultural knowledge and facilitation for strengthening e-connectivity among ICAR institutes, SAUs and KVKs.

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