Sathguru knowledge partner with Assocham

Sathguru partnered with ASSOCHAM to prepare two knowledge reports on the agri and the healthcare sector. The 2015 report titled “Enhancing Agricultural Growth – Biotechnology and Nanotechnology” was prepared as a part of ASSOCHAM 4th Bio-NanoAgri Summit, 2015 on “Technologies to Transform Agriculture in India.” It discusses the various issues in application of Bio – Nano technology to meet the current challenges in agriculture and a way forward in its implementation. The 2016 report titled “Evolving landscape and emerging trends across India’s healthcare continuum” was prepared as a part of ASSOCHAM MEDCON 2016 and provides in-depth knowledge on the various sectors of the healthcare industry, their current stature and future prospects. Sathguru hopes to continue their collaboration with ASSOCHAM which can prove to be highly fruitful in future.

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