It Was In Them To Give

Strong on the heels of a successful clothes donation drive that rounded off Sankalp’s initiatives for 2008, on 23 January, 2009 the staff of Sathguru geared up for a new year of social endeavours by volunteering to donate blood as part of an annual initiative organized with the Lion’s Club of Hyderabad-Meerpet Branch. Staff members enthusiastically queued outside the main conference room which served as a makeshift clinic to willingly give what they knew to be the most precious gift they could. The only pained faces belonged to those who were not allowed to donate for one medical reason or the other.

The blood donation initiative by the staff is not limited to this single gesture during the year. Sathguru staff has always been on call to provide blood in case of emergencies as evidenced last year when a major portion of one of the teams in the company’s annual cricket match suddenly dropped everything to donate blood to a patient undergoing surgery.

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