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The hospitality sector in the emerging economies is evolving. Organizations are transforming rapidly to the changing needs of the hospitality sector to build and sustain strategic advantage in the rapidly changing environment. Sustainability, increasing influence of social networks, the changing profile of travelers, global convergence of cultures and several other factors have engaged hospitality enterprises to innovate, redefine the customer value and build solutions for sustainable growth and leadership.

The Hospitality Management Program (HMP) helps you acquire strategic and functional level analytical skills to lead your organization. The participants from different regions of emerging economies provide a significant cross-country perspective and share experiences in the context of strategic challenges and opportunities impacting the industry. The participants will be exposed through diverse learning approaches to wide range of strategic and functional elements that would impact their decision-making ability.

HMP brings together the leaders of the industry from global and domestic hospitality brands, food service brands, resorts, spas, and vacation ownership properties and residences. This course has contributed to the career progression and the organizational advancement of numerous managers who currently occupy pivotal positions in their organization. The participants perceive the course as a life changing experience.

Participant Gains

This program is designed on a modular format which will focus on distinct and crucial components that include:

  • Deeper exposure to corporate strategy and decision making models in the hospitality industry
  • Providing intensive exposure to challenges relating to improving and optimizing revenue, profit and customer loyalty in an intensely competitive environment
  • Understanding the intricacies of brand management, brand franchising models, brand and business valuation approaches and management contracts and making strategic financial decisions that drive growth while ensuring stability.
  • Project management intricacies
  • Human Resource management intricacies and strategic decision approaches in human resource management

The program will ensure that participants feel confident as change agents transforming strategies to actionable plans in their own business and properties.



Stowe Shoemaker

Dean at the University of Nevada


Course Co-Director
Steven Carvell

Steven Carvell

Academic Director of the Center for Real Estate and Finance


Director of Sathguru Management Consultants

Who should Attend

Professionals at the senior managerial level will be benefited as the program is uniquely designed to accommodate their needs as they seek to hone the leadership and decision making skills in their organizations. Established individuals will gain innovative and varied approaches to resolve present day challenges in the hospitality industry. Functional heads who are tipped to shoulder higher responsibility will acquire necessary exposure through the sessions that provide expert level perspectives. Revenue managers, business developers, marketing leaders, finance professionals and brand managers take advantage of the sessions that deal with the specifics of revenue, finance and marketing for this industry. Loyalty and franchise managers will profit from the methodological courses integrated to provide exposure to specific areas.

Our prestigious Alumni group includes participation from;

  • General Managers of hotel groups and individual properties
  • Brand Managers
  • Head – Housing And Food Services
  • Franchise Business Coaches
  • Associate Directors for Marketing Alliances & Loyalty
  • Revenue Managers
  • Directors – Food & Beverages
  • Director Leisure Sales
  • Business Support Managers
  • Operation Directors
  • Corporate and property level finance managers

This program is conducted annually giving participants an opportunity to join their peers for training which is essential to stay competitive and innovative.



The Hospitality Management Program will cover an array of aspects of the industry through case studies, lectures and more. Program includes:

  • Lectures
  • Simulations
  • Group exercises
  • Video Conferences
  • Case studied on existing and emerging trends
  • Interaction with the faculty

Broad elements of the program agenda

  • Strategy and Strategic Planning
  • Trends & Practices in Emerging Markets
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation drivers for value perceptions
  • Competency Building in Emerging Markets
  • Prominent role of social media and its impacts
  • Lodging Distribution
  • Global Best Practices in Marketing
  • Building Strategic Relationships Through
  • Brand Affiliation
  • Functional Level Strategies
  • The Loyalty Circle
  • GAP Model of Service Quality
  • Revenue Management
  • Developing Value Perceptions
  • Valuation
  • Human Resource Management

About Us

Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration is the world’s leading hospitality management school and the oldest of such school in the United States. The contribution of the school in shaping standards for the industry is globally recognized. The school is home to 800 undergraduates, 110 graduate students (Masters and Ph.D degrees) and more than 1,700 industry professionals enrolled in executive education programs. With over a 55 strong full-time teaching faculty, the school has the world’s largest group of scholars focused on hospitality service-oriented management. Many large global hospitality companies are actively involved with the faculty for executive education and training programs, as well as research and consulting services, making the School of Hotel Administration the hospitality industry’s “think tank”.

Sathguru Management Consultants is a leading consulting, research and advisory firm with offices in USA, India and other emerging markets. Sathguru is involved in building capabilities in the hospitality sector globally with strategic advisory support to leading chains in hotel and restaurant segments, health clubs and entertainment centers. Sathguru provides strategic support to policy planners in emerging economies and elsewhere for the development of the hospitality sectors.

Cornell University and Sathguru have a long history of delivering executive education to the life sciences, food service and hospitality sector. The current program is delivered drawing upon the exp riences gained from earlier programs and the constructive participant’s feedback from such programs.


Past Participants Feedback

“I am taking a lot of knowledge from the faculty which will definitely add value to the way we operate at Serena and will go a long way changes based on latest development in the field of Brand Management, Revenue Mangement and maintaining an edge in the emerging markets. Well Done Faculty” – Naushad Noorani, Financial Controller, Islamabad Serena Hotel

“This class was great as it gave me a new perspective of looking at things. I plan to incorporate my learnings in my day to day operations & functioning hereon. ” – Ms. Shaista Sajid Khan, Area Director of Regional Sales- South Asia, Hyatt India Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

“It was great to be part of this program at times I felt that time was running short due to lot of project studies. Very well handled & well prepared program. If we could see any of the famous monument of Hyd” – Ms. Harinder Kishore, Executive Housekeeper, The Leela Ambience Gurgaon Hotel & Residences

” At this stage of our professional lives, with a certain No. of yrs under our belt, every learning bone relevance; the brain associated with every powerpoint slide. The entire thought process stands influenced.Sathguru team exceeded my expectation in every way. Customer responsiveness is best epitomised by these wonderful resources” – Mr. Pratip Kumar Mazumdar , Vice President Hospitality, MRG Hospitality & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd

“I am empowered, will empower others and I adore it.” – Rajiv Kumar, General Manager (Business Excellence), Indian Hotels Company Ltd.

“The program was very well conducted, warmly looked after and totally pertinent.” – Rattan Keswani, Executive Vice President, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, Mumbai.

“The course is of very high quality and I am really very happy to have this opportunity to attend the course.” – Huvida Marshal, General Manager, The Oberoi.

“Simply superb. Very valuable insights were provided relating to the hospitality industry.” – Nalin Mandiratta, Director of the Rooms Division, Radission Hotel, Delhi.

“Excellent learning experience! Will look forward to participating in future programs.” – Deepak Dahiya, Director of Sales (corporate), Habtoor Grand Resort and Spa .

Past Participants