A Market assessment of Animal Healthcare Industry-Landscape of Vaccines and Diagnostics Sector in India

July 5, 20200

Title Description

Sathguru supported a pioneer public translational research institute to conduct a India market assessment of veterinary vaccines and diagnostics in animal healthcare industry.

Situation Analysis

Our client, a translational research center in animal healthcare sector was scouting for expert consulting service providers in this segment to provide support in market assessment for veterinary vaccines & diagnostics and for policy framework. Animal diseases pose a serious threat to human health with food-borne and zoonotic diseases contributing to a huge challenge on livelihoods of people in developing nations like India. The group focused on animal disease diagnostics and preventive health care as areas of study as these segments are unrecognized or minimally recognized and lack due attention among policy makers. Furthermore, it was observed that there was a lack of market information on veterinary vaccines and diagnostics and this study could play a vital role in policy decisions in reducing disease outbreaks and in improving well-being of rural households that depend primarily on livestock. The institute sought assistance from Sathguru to aid them in assessing vaccine and diagnostics marketin India.


The scope of engagement included:

  1. Identifying key Indian veterinary vaccines and diagnostic manufacturers, marketers and license holders that include public and private sector.
  2. Conducting market due diligence (product price, substitutes, consumer expectation etc.) based on animal health impact.
  3. Evaluating market potential, research capabilities, infrastructure capacity, technology portfolio, product quality, competitive landscape, market dynamics and influencing factors of veterinary vaccines and diagnostics
  4. Enumerating national and regional demand, national policy, international regulations, growth strategy for public institutions, small, medium and large industry participants.


Sathguru’s approach was to

  1. Design the study and provide all industry players’ connectivity to our client.
  2. Profile current dominant products, level of technology adoption, number of firms, and production capacity of veterinary vaccines and diagnostics to better understand animal healthcare industry structure.
  3. To assess demand-supply pattern of vaccines and its impact on product competitiveness.
  4. To summarize the available infrastructure, capacity availability, expertise and linkages with major research institutes in the country and abroad for assistance in policy making.

Study outcome

Based on the client expectations, Sathguru provided the following study outcome

  1. Commendable development of private-public linkages for future technology transfer interactions.
  2. A comprehensive report on animal vaccines and diagnostic sector to better understand Indian animal healthcare market.
  3. Synopsized the emerging needs in the veterinary vaccines and diagnostics sectors and current demand-supply gap in the country.
  4. Outlined status of translational research and development initiatives, access to funding and the private sector interest to adopt newer technologies.

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A Market assessment of Animal Healthcare Industry-Landscape of Vaccines and Diagnostics Sector in India

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