Technology Scouting & Licensing from global sources for accelerating portfolio expansion

July 5, 20200

Over a multi-year effort, Sathguru helped a research-oriented large Indian seed company with multi-crop focus in strengthening overall R&D program and innovation pipeline.  By scouting and in-licensing cutting edge platform technologies, we enhanced effectiveness of their research and development (R&D) programs, accelerated research outcomes and optimized overall investment in developing innovative and competitive products.  Overall, this led to substantially reduced time to market for a robust and market-oriented portfolio of products.  

Context: Seed company seeking to strengthen overall R&D program and portfolio for enhanced competitiveness   

Our client, a leading Indian seed company, was at a growth inflexion point where innovation and R&D would be critical to compete with multinationals in multiple products with diverse traits. However, their current model of research was not only prohibitively expensive but also time-consuming in bringing products to market. The client retained Sathguru to explore potential for in-licensing platform technologies and traits that would help them address these challenges, and nurture a foundation of technology-led competitiveness.  


The scope of engagement included:  

  • Supported shaping of overall R&D strategy and prioritizing new technologies/ traits in various crops that should be accessed from external sources or developed internally.  
  • Based on prioritized product portfolio, scout for relevant technologies/ traits globally.  
  • Handhold the client through the technology evaluation, valuation and technology transfer process 


To achieve this, Sathguru:  

  • Identified client’s various technology needs emerging from their diverse research programs and bundled them into various groups based on potential for lateral application of technology across programs.  
  • Shaped R&D strategy and intended product portfolio based on assessment of evolving market opportunity and global technology landscape (including technologies such as transgenics, molecular breeding tools, gene editing et al).   
  • Scouted and assessed various cutting edge platform technologies that had the potential to address these technology needs.  Performed detailed IP landscape review identified technology developers and reviewed IP merit.    
  • Techno-commercially evaluated these technologies using our proprietary innovation advancement framework to establish relevance to client requirements and make recommendations.    
  • Based on IP and technology due-diligence, assessed technology value, ascribed valuation price band for each technology / IP bundle and supported client in transaction negotiations for the technology licensing   
  • Handheld the client through the complex technology licensing process from technology providers spanning public research institutions and international for-profit ventures. 


  • Based on comprehensive review of technical merit and IP strength, Sathguru recommended a few cherry picked platform technologies that addressed the most crucial technology needs of the client.  
  • Sathguru recommended the ideal providers with a price band for those identified technologies.  Comprehensive support through the process of technology prospecting, valuation, negotiation and licensing ensuring strategic choice of technology and accelerated access to enhance competitiveness  

Impact/Result/Client Benefit  

Our client has emerged as one of India’s most eminent research-driven seed enterprise with a robust research infrastructure and capabilities to perform advanced research in this sector. These contemporary molecular breeding technologies substantially strenghtned the research capability as well as product pipeline thereby enhancing sustainable competitive advantage.  With Sathguru’s support in technology licensing, the Client has been able to expand product portfolio rapidly and accelerate introduction of new products with reduced time to market.  

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Technology Scouting & Licensing from global sources for accelerating portfolio expansion

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