Sathguru helps formulate diversification strategy – assists a leading Indian agri-input company foray into alternate proteins segment

July 8, 20200

Sathguru conducted a detailed technology landscaping of various sources of proteins, global markets and drivers, current production technologies, emerging protein sources/ingredients & technology platforms and prepared a comprehensive roadmap for major agri-input company’s foray into the niche alternate protein segment.

Challenge/Problem statement/Situation analysis

Our client, an Indian agribusiness conglomerate, was looking to diversify into value addition segment and was specifically interested in alternate protein ingredients business segment and sought Sathguru’s support in exploring possible protein sources and technologies. The protein ingredients segment was very niche with applications spanning over multiple sectors like food, health supplements, animal feed etc. The client sought specific assistance from Sathguru to understand the current protein ingredients market, technology trends and identify suitable entry options with respect to protein source, technology & its commercial readiness and market potential in specific geographies.


The scope of Sathguru’s engagement included:

  1. Assessing the current protein ingredients, global markets and growth drivers, production from various sources, their consumption and applications in global markets.
  2. Projecting the demand for various protein sources including novel/ alternate sources, mapping possible changes in future in terms of sources, production technologies and consumption factors.
  3. Technology landscaping for various protein sources, including novel sources and emerging technology platforms.
  4. Assessing the technology /commercialization readiness level for the identified platform technologies for specific markets.
  5. Developing a detailed roadmap with business entry-options for identified protein source(s).
  6. Identifying the technology providers/ owners for possible research collaboration/ business partnership with the client.


Sathguru understood this niche sector and the differences between domestic and international markets, which was instrumental in eliminating the noise and identifying technically superior protein options with relevance for markets. This was achieved by:

  1. Detailed market assessment analysing the current protein production & consumption trends, technologies, consumer drivers in proteins segment in domestic and international trends.
  2. Capturing key changes in the protein consumption trends, validating the longevity and synchrony of these trends in the domestic and international markets.
  3. Ascertaining novel/ alternate protein sources, detailed landscaping of production and processing technologies across various sources and regulatory assessment.
  4. Assessing market attractiveness and technology /commercialization readiness level for novel/ alternate protein sources and new platform technologies (in terms of stage of development, optimization & validation, applications development, regulatory implications or pathway etc.) with respect to specific markets.
  5. Developing a detailed roadmap covering the identified protein sources, suitable business entry-options, technology access options, in-house research & product development team with required skillsets, infrastructure requirements, regulatory pathway for select options and target markets.
  6. Formulating a gradual scale-up plan by starting with most viable but differentiated sources and expanding to complex technologies in the selected protein source.
  7. Scouting technology providers/ commercial players and techno-commercial due diligence of technologies for technology access through licensing/business partnership.


As a part of the business entry strategy into proteins segment, Sathguru recommended:

  1. Collaboration with Sathguru identified technology provider/ commercial player for technology access in high quality premium protein ingredients.
  2. Establishing a pilot plant and R&D team for exploring the domestic protein sources in the long term.
  3. Avoiding certain protein sources/ technology platforms in the short to mid-term as they are too niche in serving the needs of local markets or that may face regulatory challenges.


Sathguru helped the client to make an informed decision and venture into otherwise new waters. A joint venture with commercial player is being considered for technology access and marketing tie-up and the client plans to initiate the local production of high-quality protein ingredients.

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Sathguru helps formulate diversification strategy - assists a leading Indian agri-input company foray into alternate proteins segment

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