Diversification and market expansion: Agro-chemicals to Biologicals

July 5, 20200

Sathguru helped an Indian agro-chemicals company with focus on international markets, identify potential products in the biological segment based on market potential and requirements. Sathguru also helped prioritize key markets in Asia and Africa and strategically took to market relevant bio-input products that led to business diversification and geographic expansion. 

Context: An agrochemical major combating saturation and striving for market expansion and growth 

Our client, a large manufacturer and global exporter of Agrochemical products was witnessing decline in growth due to saturation in the agro-chemical segment and was keen to diversify into biologicals to become a holistic agro-input provider catering to international markets for both chemical and biological inputs. The management of the organization sought assistance in developing a new vertical for biologicals and advancing in market expansion strategy for Asia and Africa. 


The scope of Sathguru’s engagement included: 

  1. Reviewing regulatory frameworks for biological inputs in Africa and Asia 
  2. Identifying strategic markets in the regions 
  3. Creating a product portfolio for maximum market expansion 
  4. Developing a business plan for innovation fuelled sustainable growth 


Sathguru’s approach was to categorize markets based on regulatory stringency and direct biological input products to specific high value crops to create a product niche in the targeted markets and also to explore acquisition of advanced bio-input products for the company to become innovation driven market leader. 

To achieve this, Sathguru: 

  1. Performed internal assessment of the company to understand their current strengths, product portfolio and distribution capabilities in Asian and African markets 
  2. Analyzed the African and Asian markets for potential of biological input products and regulatory requirements to identify key markets 
  3. Developed a product portfolio suitable for identified international markets and recommended potential sources to access products not present in their current portfolio 
  4. Conducted market landscaping to identify and suggest key product distributors in these markets 


  1. Sathguru made specific recommendations to implement a focused product to market approach to ensure success and growth in new markets. 
  2. Sathguru recommended a crop and geography based product portfolio with suggestions on product additions to and deletions from their current portfolio. 
  3. Sathguru recommended 5 key markets each in Africa and Asia based on regulatory requirements and potential for biologicals to ensure product adoption and maximum market expansion. 
  4. Sathguru recommended and facilitated access to innovative biological input product providers globally to address market requirements and sustain growth. 
  5. Sathguru recommended selection of product distributors to drive growth in each of the identified markets. 

Impact/Result/Client Benefit 

Our client diversified into biological input segment with focused marketing and product approach to establish itself in strategic Asian and African markets. 


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Diversification and market expansion: Agro-chemicals to Biologicals

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