Deployment of Innovative Consortium Models for Inclusive Agricultural Transformation

August 1, 20230

Sathguru developed country-specific agri-food system assessment tools and scenarios for deploying consortium models in 30 African countries by 2030. Sathguru further suggested strategic interventions and investment plans for strengthening seed systems and enterprises, accessing blended fertilizers, facilitating an effective irrigation system, stimulating farm mechanization adoption, enhancing food value addition and post-harvest technology adoption, and developing robust market linkages through public-private player intercessions.

Situation Analysis:

The Client expressed their interest in assessing the current consortia performance, expanding the investment on developing and deploying agri-food inclusive consortium models across 30 African countries, and further anticipating its economic impact for ten years of implementation across the agri-food value chain.


The scope of Sathguru’s engagement included the following:

  1. Assess the performance of consortia models in seven African countries and leverage the insights in developing Consortia Model 2.0 for 30 countries.
  2. Develop a country-specific investment plan based on the current status of the agri-food system and opportunities for improvement.
  3. Anticipate the economic value creation through the proposed agri-food value-chain investment plan and consortia model implementation.


An appropriate mix of secondary research and primary interactions was conducted to meet the project’s objectives. Sathguru’s conducted an in-depth assessment of country-specific cropping systems, production and consumption patterns, access to improved seeds and other agri-inputs, R&D capability, irrigation status, access to finance, private sector support, and opportunities for digitization. The assessment led to a detailed investment plan to develop and deploy Consortia Model 2.0, focusing on crop-specific value chain elements in each target country.

To achieve this, Sathguru:

  1. Conducted primary interactions with on-field country-specific consortia members, farmers, and public and private sector officials to gauge existing consortia performance in seven African countries.
  2. Performed an in-depth country-specific assessment on agri-inputs, R&D, markets, and value addition segments and developed a country-specific baseline for non-consortia countries.
  3. Suggested economic value-creation elements for each consortium and presented the anticipated impact.
  4. Projected gains from phased consortium investments and prioritized investments country-wise for the next ten years.


Sathguru made recommendations based on the following:

  1. Sathguru assessed the current agri-food system preparedness to strengthen agri-input production, its use, and the feasibility of post-harvest value addition in target countries.
  2. Sathguru recommended strategic interventions to improve the crop-specific agri-food value chain and identified public and private sector engagements required to achieve the proposed models’ sustainability.
  3. Sathguru evaluated the anticipated economic impact on crop-specific yield and production, post-harvest losses, and value addition.

Impact/Result/Client Benefit

With Sathguru’s support, the Client has started developing and deploying country-specific proposed Consortium Model 2.0 to increase its effectiveness across the target countries and achieve the anticipated economic impact across the agri-food value chain.

With critical insights of Sathguru, the client has strengthened the deployment of  agricultural systems and downstream delivery models in 11 African countries that includes Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi,Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda.

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Deployment of Innovative Consortium Models for Inclusive Agricultural Transformation

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