Creation of Surveillance Toolbox for Disease Surveillance in Wheat Farms of SAARC Countries

June 12, 20240

Sathguru, as an implementing partner in the BMGF and DFID funded international development project, focused on harnessing advances in genomics to combat rust threats in wheat across SAARC nations. A critical component of the project was to develop a surveillance toolbox to monitor the movement of the dreaded wheat rust disease in SAARC countries and build local capacity to use it.


 The project faced the challenge of mitigating rust threats by leveraging genomic advancements, replacing susceptible wheat varieties with resistant ones, and introducing non-host resistance to create immunity. This challenge was compounded by the lack of effective disease surveillance and data management specific to wheat rust disease.


Sathguru executed the project with a comprehensive strategy:

  • Surveillance and Monitoring: Provided surveillance to track stem rust populations, monitoring rust incidence and populations, and ensuring data availability.
  • Development of Surveillance Toolbox: Developed a SAARC-specific web-based Toolbox application for uploading wheat rust surveillance data. This tool facilitated the seamless integration of national data into global rust trackers.
  • Training and Capacity Building: Conducted extensive training programs for over 200 researchers and agricultural professionals across SAARC nations on the use of the Surveillance Toolbox and data management techniques. These activities enhanced the capacity of national wheat research institutes to track and manage rust threats effectively.
  • Data Access and Sharing: Facilitated access to global data through a robust sharing mechanism, along with effective project management, communication, coordination, and capacity building.
  • Coordination Hub: Established a single coordination hub for planning, implementation, and oversight of all developmental activities.
  • Synergy: Synergized efforts with other agencies from SAARC nations to combat stem rust effectively.


Impact/Result/Client Benefit

Sathguru’s execution of the project led to significant advancements in rust surveillance and data management across SAARC nations:

  • Developed a SAARC-specific Android application integrated to web-based Tool Box application for uploading wheat rust data surveillance and monitoring.
  • Provided hand-holding support to SAARC national scientists for uploading surveillance data to both national and Global Rust Tracker
  • Strengthened the capacity of national wheat research institutes, enhancing their ability to track and manage rust threats effectively.
  • Fostered collaboration and data sharing among SAARC nations, contributing to more effective and coordinated rust management efforts.

This project has substantially improved the ability of SAARC nations to monitor and combat wheat rust, ensuring more resilient wheat crops and contributing to food security in the region.



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Creation of Surveillance Toolbox for Disease Surveillance in Wheat Farms of SAARC Countries

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