A Forecasted Impact Assessment for an Indian Seed Company aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals

June 13, 20240

Project Scope & Situational Analysis: 

Sathguru Catalysers assessed a leading seed company’s climate-resilient solutions for the major field crops. The project aimed to understand the environmental, economic, and social impacts on farms and farmers by 2030, aligning with UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). The comprehensive assessment encompasses the evaluation of potential reductions in water use to promote environmental sustainability while also considering strategies for increasing crop yield and enhancing crop resilience. The socio-economic impact assessment explored the impact on livelihoods by increasing their farm income. This included improved income security, knowledge transfer of sustainable practices, and ability to adapt to changing climates. 


The project supported the Innovation in Food and Agriculture fund’s focus on sustainable agriculture, paving the way for potential investment and attracting capital to support climate-resilient seeds for more sustainable agricultural practices. The key findings demonstrated reduced environmental footprint, increased food security and resilience, particularly for low-income farmers, empowered and food-secure communities with improved access to nutritious food and knowledge of sustainable practices. The key findings of the assessment were: 

  • Reduced water usage: The assessment projected significant water savings through the use of climate-resilient seeds, contributing to sustainable development goals for clean water and climate action. 
  • Increased crop yield and resilience: Improved crop yields and resilience to climate variability are expected, leading to increased income by 25 – 35% and food security for farmers by 2030, aligning with sustainable development goals for no poverty and zero hunger. 
  • Empowered and food-secure communities: The project identified potential for improved livelihoods for farmers due to increased income security. In addition, knowledge transfer of sustainable practices can empower communities and enhance long-term food security (SDGs – no poverty and zero hunger). 

This impact assessment demonstrates the seed company’s significant contributions to achieving multiple sustainable development goals (SDGs). By promoting sustainable agriculture practices, climate-resilient seeds offer a powerful solution for environmental conservation, economic growth, and social progress, particularly for low-income farmers. The findings strongly support the Innovation in Food and Agriculture fund’s focus on sustainable agriculture and position the seed company as a worthy investment candidate for fostering a more resilient and food-secure future. Investing in these innovative solutions holds the potential to create a positive ripple effect throughout the agricultural sector, promoting environmental, economic, and social well-being. 

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A Forecasted Impact Assessment for an Indian Seed Company aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals

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