• Business Advisory

    Sathguru advises clients on strategy to enter high value and high growth markets. We help businesses adapt and revitalize their roles in an ever evolving market.

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  • Innovation Advisory

    Sathguru’s innovation advisory group plays a significant role in creating technology access, stewarding technologies to markets and steering competitive advantage through innovation and technology advancement

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  • Financial Advisory

    Sathguru’s corporate finance and transaction advisory group leads transactions to drive market entry and growth; and facilitates successful outcomes through transaction support services, negotiation and valuation.

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  • International Development

    Sathguru leverages its unique insight into the socio-economic issues in emerging economies to map out and implement effective strategies for development in the areas of agriculture, nutrition and health

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  • Executive Education

    Sathguru’s Center for Executive Education in association with Cornell University offers Customized programs in niche industries, which are tailored for and offered to executives to help catalyze their strategic thinking and enable leadership development.

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  • Information Technology

    Sathguru’s Information Technology division helps businesses perform beyond their ability. We’ve changed the way ERP software is used to maximize productivity across businesses. Sathguru’s ERP is more than mere business software; it is the key to possibilities not yet imagined.

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  • Industry Expertise

    Combining over 3 decades of unparalleled experience, extensive research, broad capabilities across all industries, Sathguru helps its clients transform their businesses. We utilize our wide array of experience and expertise to provide practical strategies and implement solutions.

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