Sharada Thapaliya Bhattaraii

Dr. Sharada Thapaliya Bhattarai

Dr. Sharada Thapaliya Bhattarai is a Veterinarian with strong academic background and diverse working experience of 25 years which incorporates her expertise of animal sciences in areas of livestock research, education, extension, public-private partnerships, livestock industry development as well as project coordination and management. She has been instrumental in successfully executing various international developmental projects in the sectors of education, livestock and agriculture and food security. Currently, she is Dean of Animal and Veterinary Science and Fisheries in Agriculture and Forestry University of Nepal; the only university engaged in agricultural and veterinary research and education in the country.

Dr. Sharada over the years have been closely associated with academics, being actively involved in Teaching graduate and post graduate students on subjects of Veterinary Pharmacology, Herbal Medicines, Ethnopharmacology, Ethno-veterinary medicine among others.

Being a research scholar, she continually works closely with doctorates in their latest research activities in the animal sciences sector.She has extensive exposure in International development arena and was the coordinator of DFID supported Development Partnerships in Higher Education (DelPHE) project for Nepal.As the Planning Director for AFU-Nepal, she effortlessly worked in all round development of agriculture and forestry to raise the socio-economic conditions of rural people in Nepal through quality teaching, research and extension in agriculture, livestock and forestry. Apart from this, she is actively engaged in promotion of gender cause in Bharatpur region of Nepal.