Feed the Future delegation visits BARI

A four-member delegation of ‘Feed the Future’ biotech projects visited Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute in Gazipur on Tuesday.

The members of the delegation include Ronnie Coffman, director, IP-CALS, Cornell University, USA; Maricelis Avecedo, projects director, FtF Biotech Eggplant, Cornell University, USA; Vijay Paranjape, associate director, Bt Brinjal Project, Sathguru, India and Md Jahangir Hossain, country project director, FtF Biotech Projects (potato and brinjal), Bangladesh.

BARI scientists and officers welcomed the delegation at the time of their arrival in the institute. BARI director general Abul Kalam Azad gave a welcome address at his conference room.

Chief scientific officer of the Plant Physiology Division of BARI Dilwar Ahmed Choudhury gave brief power-point presentation on the activities and achievements of BARI.

BARI director (research) Md Abdul Wahab, director (training and communication), Md Miaruddin, director (support and services) Md Habibur Rahman Sheikh, director (planning and evaluation), Md Nazirul Islam heads of the divisions, senior scientists, officers, among others, were present on the occasion.


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