Devices and Diagnostics

  • Increasing healthcare spending and disposable income combined with developments in healthcare delivery are driving significant growth and in the Indian medical technology market comprised of devices and diagnostics. This high growth market was largely served in the past by global companies. While India continues to be an attractive market for multinationals, the last decade has witnessed an accelerated growth of domestic product development ecosystem and industry.

    We have been privileged to be part of this evolution including landmark public initiatives that have addressed structural gaps by bridging clinical and engineering institutions. We continue to advise global companies seeking to access the Indian market and grow in this complex landscape. Some of our most exciting work includes working with several emerging Indian companies developing innovative solutions being commercialized in India and rest of the world. We leverage our comprehensive expertise in business, corporate finance and innovation advisory to catalyze successful product development and market success. We look forward to discussing how we can help you.

  • A landscaping effort for an international developmental agency on POC diagnostics research and innovation in India