Research Partners

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Health and Nutrition

“Access to basic healthcare is the prime requirement for building healthy communities and holistic development of emerging economies. We facilitate access to preventive technologies and create mechanisms for targeted delivery of nutrition to deprived communities ensuring access to basic health care thereby creating a large […]

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development

“Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development is the single most powerful tool in building communities with sustainable livelihoods Sathguru & Cornell provide holistic mentorship, build capacities, enhance skills, create linkages with industry & academia, promote technology access & facilitate product development & commercialization.”

Education and Skill Development

“We believe that progressive change can be effectively manifested through education and empowerment. Sathguru contributes by reforming curriculum, introducing platforms that enable virtual learning, create access to global knowledge sources, augment capacities and generate employment opportunities for a sustainable impact.”

Agriculture, Food Security and Rural Development

Our Projects ABSPII AIP DRRW TEEAL OSI “Agriculture and food security is the foundation for economic development. We contribute towards food security by augmenting agricultural value chains, through design and implementation of novel solutions to improve and strengthen practices for developing sustainable livelihoods”