Program Deliverables

The intensive four day course covers key areas such as:

Trends and Strategies

Research and technology management


Markets and Marketing


  • Cross-cultural and cross-enterprise learning: The participants will have an opportunity to interact with people working in the same sector from different geographical locations
  • Interaction with the faculty: The participants get to access the world's best faculty in the field of agriculture and life sciences from Cornell University
  • Lectures, group exercises & case studies: The course will engage the participants in practical discussions, lectures, group exercises and case discussions focused on strategic decision approaches in overarching areas of seed sector

  • Who will benefit?

    • Senior managers from the seed industry engaged in the development of strategic planning, market development, product management, research and product development, regulations and operations

    • Regulators from federal and state governments engaged in regulating the seed sector

    • Senior managers from public extension and research organizations

    • Public researchers

    The diversity of participants will provide unmatched learning opportunity for the participants.


  • K. V. Raman

    K.V Raman is the International Professor of Plant Breeding & Genetics, and Associate Director of Special Projects with International Programs at the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences; Cornell University. His expertise is in the areas of integrated pest management, plant biotechnology and international technology transfer projects in South America, Africa and Asia. His work has included advisory support to World Bank; International Finance Corporation; Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research; private sector firms, and many national programs.
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  • Richard Cahoon

    Richard Cahoon held the position of director of technology transfer office at Cornell University for a decade prior to establishing RS Cahoon & Associates as an independent technology management practice. His expertise is in technology assessment, management and commercialization. He has transformed over 300 inventions into revenue-generating intellectual property packages.

  • Vijayaraghavan

    K. Vijayaraghavan is CEO of Sathguru Management Consultants and Regional Coordinator of CALS research programs. Vijay combines innovation focus in enterprises and strategy to create and sustain their competitive advantage. He has advised worldwide seed sector in forecasting trends and in enhancing their competitiveness through smart adoption of innovation. He has advised governments in emerging economies in creating a conducive policy framework for agri business enterprises to stay competitive and nurture growth. Vijay is also responsible for creating public-private partnerships for the seed sector with the constitution of several consortiums for the development and delivery of seeds with appropriate traits.
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  • Alan George Taylor

    Alan George Taylor is a Professor of Horticulture at CALS, Cornell University. His research areas include crop science, horticultural sciences and seed science. Taylor`s research program can best be described as "modern seed technology," with many well-organized projects for multi-stakeholders.
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  • Ragunathan

    Ragunathan, one of the directors of Sathguru Management Consultants, is a fellow chartered accountant and a management consultant. His expertise is in the seed industry consulting group’s intervention in the Asian region. Ragu works with the seed industry to plan strategic growth and consolidation through acquisitions. He has developed innovative valuation models for the seed industry to enhance and optimize their value proposition.
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  • About Cornell

    Cornell University, an Ivy League University founded in 1865 is located at Ithaca, New York. It is home to around 20,000 students from 120 countries, lead by about 3000 world class faculties including Noble laureates and Rhodes scholars. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, instrumental in establishing the International Agricultural Research System, has been involved in education and research partnerships in several countries in Asia since the Green Revolution. CALS has strong linkages with the global seed sector in providing access to genetic resources and in transferring technologies that are appropriate for incorporating relevant traits in various crops. CCTEC is a repository of intellectual properties generated at Cornell University. Cornell is in the forefront of genomics driven advancements in crop trait improvement.

    About Sathguru

    Sathguru Management Consultants is a global research and consulting organization engaged in life science strategy advisory, research management advisory, intellectual property management guidance and public policy advisory. Sathguru has been engaged by multilateral development bodies and policy planners to integrate food chain and accelerate international market access for food countries across the world. Sathguru leads in providing corporate solutions to the global farm and food industry.


    “Felt enriched after attending the program. All the sessions were very relevant and useful” - Sanjiv Sharma, Bayer Bioscience

    “The program provided the participant a comprehensive view on the necessary knowledge for people engaged in the regulation, R&D and marketing of seeds” - Elmen Carlo D. Ercia, Syngenta Philippines

    " Program is innovative and pathway to vibrant seed industry and strong foundation for public-private partnership" - Krishna Prasad, Advanta India Limited

    " All the presentations were very useful and this is the first time I got a chance to think about the future of the Seed Industry "- Kiyoki Iboshi, Known-You Seed Pvt. Ltd.

    " It enlightens about the recent trends which most of the seed companies needs to catch urgently to remain competitive. It is an eye opener. " - Amit Rastogi, Coromandel International Limited

    " It is very good and has given me wider horizon of view and attitude to IP and its relevance for seed industry" - Vivencio Rullan Mamaril, Bureau of Plant Industry, Philippines

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