Building Capacities of Rural Youth

Building Capacities of Rural Youth

Attracting and empowering the rural youth in rural areas to take up various Agriculture and allied sector activities for sustainable income and gainful employment

Despite the agricultural sector’s potential to provide income-generating opportunities for youth, most of the youth see agriculture as stigma and a no-win occupation with full of drudgery, but the youth who are genuinely interested, lack appropriate knowledge, technology, and practical experience to engage meaningfully in agriculture and agribusiness. 

Despite the reality, the future of food security in our country depend on both the strengthening of the ecological foundations essential for sustainable agriculture, as well as attracting the youth to farming and allied sectors.

To retain youth in agriculture and enabling them to perceive agriculture as a profitable career, Cornell Sathguru Foundation for Development with technical collaboration of Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University and with the financial support of Aurobindo pharma Foundation had organized a 6 days training program for youth in Panyal and Badampet villages in Sangareddy.

Impact stories

Glimpses of Youth Training Program in Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Agribusiness sectors

Impact of youth training in Agriculture & Agribusiness

Mr. Kothlapuram Suresh from Panyal youth training feedback

T. Ramesh from Panyal youth training feedback video

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