Roche taps into Cevec’s ELEVECTA® gene therapy manufacturing technology

November 12, 20200

The latest deal in the gene therapy space comes from Roche announcing its signing of an option and non-exclusive license agreement with Cevec for the use of its proprietary ELEVECTA® platform for large scale AAV vector manufacturing in gene therapy. Under the terms of the agreement, Roche will receive the rights to use Cevec’s technology for their portfolio of gene therapy products and Cevec will be eligible to receive milestone based payments for developed products as well as royalties on sales of the products.  

Cevec focusses on developing high-performance cell technologies for gene therapy viral vectors (AAV, Adeno, Oncolytic viruses) and complex recombinant proteins for large scale manufacturing. Cevec’s platform utilizes helper-virus free stable producer cell lines with all components for AAV production integrated into the cell line, which ensures low batch-to-batch variability, superior vector quality and convenient scalability. The patent protected technology overcomes some of the challenges associated with current manufacturing technologies with its superior scalability, product quality and process stability.  

Last month Roche partnered with a disruptive start-up Dyno Therapeutics, to harness the latter’s artificial intelligence platform strength to discover and develop synthetic AAV vectors with superior capabilities, addressing challenges associated with current AAV vectors – targeted delivery, payload capability, immune response, manufacturing etc. With this latest partnership with Cevec, Roche and its subsidiary Spark Therapeutics move closer to having an integrated R&D and manufacturing engine. It also resonates with the larger industry trend of tapping into young ventures with established competencies in upstream or downstream processes to expand their capability in cell and gene therapy research and development.  

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