Catalent acquires Promethera Therapeutics’ cell therapy manufacturing subsidiary

May 17, 20210

Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy announced its acquisition of Promethera’s cell therapy manufacturing subsidiary, Hepatic Cell Therapy Support SA (HCTS). This would be the fourth company to join Catalent’s growing cell and therapy facilities, and the acquisition includes Hepatic Cell Therapy Support’s 32,400 square-foot facilities in Gosselies, Belgium. This would be Catalent’s third bought facility in Gosselies, which include cell and gene CDMO MaSTherCell Global’s 60,000-square-foot commercial fill-finish plant in Gosselies, a 31,000-square-foot cell and gene therapy facility from Bone Therapeutics’ Skeletal Cell Therapy Support subsidiary and plasmid DNA (pDNA) specialist Delphi’s 17,000-square-foot Gosselies headquarters and manufacturing plant to support the growing cell and gene therapy pipeline. The 32,400 square-foot facility would be used to manufacture Catalent’s new commercial-scale pDNA, which it acquired from Delphi Genetics along with the latter’s facility.   

Hepatic Cell Therapy Support’s facility contains cleanroom infrastructure, process development, and quality control laboratories apart from warehouse space. It will also be able to manufacture up to 500-liters of pDNA. The process to equip the facility adequately will begin immediately. It aims to create greater than 200 technical, scientific, and operational new employment positions in the next five years.   

Being an industry leading manufacturing partner to develop technology, Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy has a promising cell therapy portfolio that indicates a wide range of expertise, including CAR-T, TCR, TILs, NKs, iPSCs, and MSCs, as well as viral vector development, scale-up, and manufacturing for gene therapies. “Plasmid DNA manufacturing is a critical component to many biological therapeutics, including viral vectors, mRNA, and cellular therapies. This investment allows Catalent to support these programs from development through to CGMP commercial production, offering the full horizontal supply chain,” said Manja Boerman, Ph.D., President, Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy.    

Catalent has had many collaborations in the Gene therapy segment. One of the latest collaborations was with AavantiBio, announced in April of 2021 to develop and manufacture AavantiBio’s gene therapies. Catalent, in April 2021, has also collaborated with Moderna to provide a new high-speed vial filling line for primarily the latter’s COVID-19 vaccine 

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