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Prospects of Plant based meat in India

With markets for plant-based meat gaining momentum in emerging markets including Brazil and China, eyes are turning to India. But just what is the opportunity in a country where meat consumption is relatively low and the quality of many of…

Food Allergens – emerging food safety issue

Food allergies are increasingly becoming an important public health concern globally with a growing number of consumers being reported to suffer from the condition. Estimates indicate that up to 10% of population are affected with food

Browntop Millet –trending healthy in India

Climate-smart cereal – a boon to farmers Millets are coarse cereals gaining popularity because of their nutritional benefits. However, the demand for millets remains low due to the predominant consumption of rice and wheat in India. An

Competing in India’s complex potato chips market

What's the state of play in India's potato chips market? - just-food deep-dive, part one India's appetite for potato chips is growing rapidly - with some major players building a nationwide presence to cater to rising demand, Raghavendra…

Protein Power for Vegetarians

The number of food products and diets launched globally with higher protein content has increased in the recent years. High levels of protein was generally associated with categories like sports nutrition, weight management, infant…