Sathguru Carrom & Chess Tournament 2022 Day 3

Sathguru Carrom and Chess Tournament is getting far more exciting than expected. Day 3 was exhilarating with nine nail-biting matches, and the winners are all pumped for the next round.  

Here is the list of winners on Day 3: 

Chess winners: 

Match 1: Akhil Sharma from MCD 

Match 2: Gopal Krishna P from Catalysers 

Match 3: Krishna Kanth from SPD 

Match 4: Praveen S from Accounts  

Carroms winners: 

Match 1: Praveen S from Accounts 

Match 2: Naveen from SPD  

Match 3: Subba Reddy from SPD 

Match 4: Vijaya Bhaskar from SPD 

Match 5: Subba Reddy from SPD 


Congratulations and all the best to the winners! 

We will have to wait to find out who makes it to the next round. Stay tuned!! 

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