Sathguru Carrom & Chess Tournament 2022

Sathguru’s ‘Carrom & Chess Tournament‘ finally gave us a break from the virtual events that dialed down the fun from our employee connect activities. The event greeted us with fresh memories of our frolicking Fab Fridays and in-person celebrations that we had missed for two years now. 

Sathguru employees have kickstarted the first day of theCarrom & Chess Tournament with great enthusiasm and energy. Day 1 was super fun with four chess and three carrom matches. While we are all on tenterhooks to find out the final winners, we can still take a look at the contestants who marked their victory in the first round. 

Congratulations and all the best to the round 1 winners!

Chess Round 1 winners:

Match 1 – Gopal Krishna P from Catalysers

Match 2 – Arvind MT from Software Products Division

Match 3 – Akhil Sharma – Management Consulting Division

Match 4 – Praveen S from Accounts

Carroms Round 1 winners:

Match 1 – Vijaya Bhaskar from Software Products Division

Match 2 – Naveen from Software Products Division

Match 3 – Subba Reddy from Software Products Division


Let’s wait and see who will put the checkmate and who will hit the striker right. We are super excited to find out. Are you too? Stay tuned for updates from upcoming matches, and keep your spirits high!



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