Executive Education – A necessity in the backdrop of evolving market trends
15 June

Executive Education – A necessity in the backdrop of evolving market trends

There is no end to learning, no limit to knowledge. Human by nature have the fervour to acquire and adopt new things and evolve. In our constant adaptation process, education is something that is structurally bestowed upon us as a kid, by our parents and we gradually ascend to desired levels and make the best out of it.

Each step we scale welcomes us with new difficulties, we stumble upon some and overcome the others. Needless to say, just like any game that we play, our problems complicate with each upward climb. The challenges we face in the ever-evolving markets, don’t fit theoretically into marketing or finance or operations packages. Therefore, the practical problems that we face are all intertwined and cannot be separately categorized.

An Executive Education is like upgrading a software to keep our systems healthy and up to date. It is a key to maintain the competitive edge. There are a number of benefits that the executive programs offer. A high-performing individual can leverage it to enhance skills, broaden perspective and connect with his contemporaries. While for an organization it can mean aligning managers to the vision and mission of the organization and strategizing an implementation plan that is mutually beneficial.

Skill enhancement is fundamental to a progressive organization. With global innovation pacing up, it is an indispensable requirement for executives, to not only upgrade themselves with the current technological trends, digital applications and platforms but also to implement these learnings for the greater benefit of the society. This constant need for enhancement is stimulated by executive education programs. Cornell Sathguru Executive Education (CSEE) is one such platform that provides an immersive learning experience with an aim for the holistic development of the participants. The CSEE programs offered are developed in a way that teaches core concepts, helping the participants to upgrade their skill sets required by the modern workplace.

There are a truckload of emerging trends and best practices that crowd the digital space. CSEE encourages an effective way to exploit these practices. Diversity is another aspect which adds on to widen the perspective of a participant in such programs. The batches generally are a cohort of professionals from diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences. The diverse group would challenge each other’s views, discover new concepts and bring in a richer perspective for all. Besides strengthening skills and broadening perspectives, the programs enable a professional to network with peers from diverse experiences facing similar strategic challenges. CSEE provides an excellent opportunity to network with the best minds in the global business scene.

The courses offered by CSEE are structured to usher in a holistic upgradation of the participants in line with the evolving business environment. Besides interaction with the learned and distinguished faculty who are experts in their own fields, the empirical method of immersive learning provides an exposure beyond the classroom for the participants. The course incorporates visits to process ventures where they experience a pragmatic method of dealing with the theoretical challenges. Meeting the change makers on field corroborates the leadership foundation of the executives, making them thrive to be successful in future.

With the evolution of various smart working techniques and a changing social landscape in terms of gender equality, executive education has become a part of the new normal to cope up with the evolving market trends and the ever-changing technical landscapes of the times. As it is not always a possibility to predict the challenges that lie ahead for the organization, it is best to prepare for the unknown.

Cornell University, an Ivy League institute and Sathguru Management Consultants have been delivering International programs for niche sectors since the last 20 years. These programs witness eminent participants from across the globe with diverse backgrounds and knowledge. Being one of the best agricultural institutes in the world, CALS (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) at Cornell University along with Sathguru Management Consultants as their partners gives an opportunity to a chosen few top executives of renowned organizations to be a part of the International Programs that develop and strengthen the business acumen and leadership capability of the professionals. Rooted in a real world leadership approach these programs help the participants to learn, to transform and to build a strong peer network which enables them to lead their organizations to segment leadership. Therefore, it can be rightly said in the words of John F Kennedy - “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”, and it is learning that transcends every boundary of age and class taking an individual to a higher level of excellence.

Riti Chowdhury

Riti Chowdhury

Sr. Executive - Corporate Communications

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