About Sankalp - for a good cause

About Sankalp- for a good cause
Sankalp- for a good cause, is a registered body under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. It is an initiative started by the staff of Sathguru Management Consultants, where a group of like-minded colleagues from all the divisions joined together to support some specific philanthropic goals. Education of underprivileged girl children, healthcare for the elderly, skill building and community-centric activities sum up this organization’s goal to reach out and make a difference to the society. Sankalp’s projects are categorized under Siksha, Jiva and Vivrithi.
Sankalp, was formed in the year 2007 as the philanthropic initiative by the staff of Sathguru Management Consultants Pvt Ltd. Ms. Hemalatha Vijayaraghvan, an entrepreneur by profession and philanthropist by spirit is the Founder cum President of Sankalp.
On the occasion of Woman’s day (8th March, 2007), a group of women were enjoying their lunch in one of the swanky restaurants in Hyderabad. Amidst the usual discussions around family & social life, the topic of social issues and rising commodity prices had come up. The discussion and arguments around these subjects led to the germination of a seed or rather an idea with the potential of bringing positive difference in the lives of many. Those ideas got turned to reality by the vision and actions of Ms. Hemalatha Vijayaraghvan. Along with many likeminded individuals, she joined hands to pool up resources to work towards the empowerment of girl children through education. Since then there was no looking back. Sankalp, which literally means determination, a determination to reach out and give something back, do something good, worthwhile and useful for the society, took firm hold in the minds of women who happened to be colleagues at Sathguru. The idea, like all good ideas, went on to motivate the other members of the Sathguru family and soon began to influence their friends and other family members who took an active interest in Sankalp programs. Sankalp too grew in vision and extended its support to worthy initiatives such as creating awareness on various social issues, geriatric care, skill building, clothes and books donation, blood donation camps, blanket donation drives in addition to the original idea to work on supporting education for the girl child.
Empower the socially vulnerable adolescent girls and elderly through education and all round care.
• To provide education directly or indirectly to poor and underprivileged children in the society
• To provide direct or indirect medical facilities to the aged and underprivileged people
• To provide skills to unskilled women and adolescents
• To do all acts and things necessary to facilitate the charitable, cultural, educational, vocational and economic development of society