About Sathguru

Sathguru, short for Sathguru Management Consultants, is a globally recognized consulting firm engaged in providing strategic, operational and functional support, policy advocacy, technology transfer and enterprise development, and research management services to government, non-government and private enterprises.

About Cornell University

Cornell University is an Ivy league university located in Ithaca, New York USA with a faculty that is predominantly composed of internationally recognized authorities in their respective fields. The research interests and activities at Cornell has ensured that it is consistently placed amongst the world’s best research institutions. Cornell alumni have included 28 Rhodes Scholars and 40 Nobel Laureates.

  • Tell me more about Cornell in India and Sathguru.

    This is a collaborative initiative between Cornell University and Sathguru Management Consultants that addresses issues facing the food and agricultural business in India and other South Asian countries. It involves partnerships with leading industrial organizations, academic institutions, and government and non government organizations.

  • What is the Food Executive Program?

    The Food Executive Program (FEP) offers participants an opportunity to develop strategic and operational skills, and understand global best practices in food marketing, supply chain management and food retailing. Those who enroll for the program will be exposed to presentations by world-class instructors, analyze strategic issues through case studies and engage in group projects with peers.

  • What is the Food and Agri Executive Management Program?

    The Food and Agri Executive Management Program (AMP) is designed to fill in gaps in the experience of executives as they seek to master their roles and prepare for new ones in the global agriculture and food industry. The program seeks to introduce and analyze factors contributing to the integration of the food chain, enhance the strategic capabilities of participants through exposure to global and domestic trends and thus enhance their leadership skills and organizational competitiveness.

  • What is the Seed Industry Program?

    The focus of the Seed Industry Program is to expose participants to the biological innovations such as the development of hybrid crops, and seeds resulting from modern biotechnological advances that result in high insect resistant crop of a better quality. The program will focus on emerging issues and enhance the participants’ ability to augment business through a deeper understanding of research management, technology access, licensing, regulatory compliance, market access factors and business restructuring.

  • What is the Hospitality Management Program?

    The Hospitality Management Program is designed to provide intensive exposure to challenges relating to increasing revenues and profits and improving customer loyalty. The program focuses on building the confidence of the participants and enhance their ability to translate winning strategies into effective action that will ensure success in an industry with high potential and equally intense competition.

  • What is the Global Biosafety Management Program?

    The Global Bio-safety Management Program has been designed to address the various aspects of safety assessment of transgenic product development, contemporary technologies and their impact on regulations, issues on transgenic trait management, cross- border research partnerships, bio-property access and technology transfer and other socio-economic and policy frameworks. The program aims to improve the awareness of participants towards the significance of convergent research and expand their knowledge of leading best practices and standards in bio-safety.

  • Who are eligible to participate in these programs?

    Participants with managerial experience in decision making – vice presidents, managing directors, senior executives, general managers, project directors etc., in the various industries that form the focus of the programs.

  • What are the benefits of these programs?

    The programs are designed to provide participants with the exposure to cutting edge technologies and innovative strategies in the various industries. It seeks to provide them with the confidence to apply what they have learned and develop winning action plans to ensure that their organization is able to deliver quality goods and services that match their customers’ constantly evolving requirements.

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