K.V has over three decades of experience in many areas of international agriculture and rural development. During his early career he did his MS and PhD research in grain legume improvement at the University of Reading, U.K and the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan, Nigeria. After his PhD he joined the College of Agriculture & Life Science at Cornell University to complete his post doctoral research on potato improvement. He then took up a position in Lima, Peru with the International Potato Center and worked there for 14 years on many areas of sweet potato and potato improvement. He is back at Cornell University with International Programs as the Associate Director for special projects and Adjunct International Professor of Plant Breeding. He has traveled extensively to over 30 plus countries and currently manages several large international projects related to biotechnology; agricultural innovations; executive management programs related to Agri-business; Seed Industry Development; Human resource Development.


KV serves as the International Coordinator for USAID supported project Agricultural Innovation Partnership in India, Nepal and Malawi. He is also associated with several other donor-funded projects in Bangladesh, Mexico, Uganda and many other countries. His work has included advisory support to World Bank; International Finance Corporation; several private sector firms, and many national programs in Latin America, Africa and Asia. He is a Faculty Fellow at the Atkinson Center for Sustainable Future (ACSF) at Cornell University; board member of Cornell-Sathguru Foundation and international representative for the Society for Technology Management.


As a research manager he provides technical and managerial support to many international projects in close collaboration with relevant Cornell faculty and researchers from national programs in developing countries of Latin America; Asia and Africa. He coordinates two courses in International Agriculture and Rural Development and the Executive Development Programs focusing on seed industry development; technology transfer; agri-business; biotechnology and other emerging areas. Over 1000 mid career scientists from developing countries and over 600 students have participated in the experiential courses in international agriculture and rural development

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