Program Deliverables

The ten day long Food and Agri Business Program is meticulously designed to offer an in depth perspective on all the industries related to agribusiness. A paradigm shift has been noticed in the agricultural sectors of the emerging economies with their increasing demand for food and other agriculture based products. This has spurred the advancement in innovation and technology in the developed countries to capture the potential market in the developing nations. They can look forward to the Food and Agri Business Management Program 2016 to –

  1. Look for new opportunities that have come up where the organizations can enhance their leadership capabilities through effective long or short term strategies
  2. Utilize the geographic shift in the market landscape concentrating on the emerging economies
  3. Reach more customers globally and evolve the supply-chain strategies in the process
  4. Improve strategy and decision making capabilities to utilize the global change in the industry

The program is structured to deliver the following –

Global impact monitoring –

  • Big picture of the agri-business industry trends
  • Global agricultural research trends and innovation
  • Global food regulations
  • Recent biotechnological innovations for crop value enhancement
  • Dynamics of emerging markets
  • Generating leadership through –

  • Public-private partnership options and strategies
  • Food security crisis mitigation strategies
  • Post harvest management strategies
  • Food safety standards, import and export regulations
  • Product development and food processing strategies
  • Technology transfer and licensing regulations
  • Risk and unpredictable environment strategies
  • Reaching more customers through:

  • Farm interventions for input sector
  • Field trips to farms, food and retails ventures
  • Balancing the brand promise and supply chain
  • Promoting healthy food habits
  • During the duration of the program, participants can share their inputs and gain through –

    Cross-cultural and cross-enterprise learning:

    The participants will have an opportunity to interact with people working in different geographical locations from the same sector.

    Interaction with the faculty:

    The participants get to access the world’s best faculty in the field of agriculture and life sciences from Cornell University.

    Lectures, group exercises & case studies:

    The course will engage the participants in practical discussions, lectures, group exercise, case studies and strategic skills that they need to successfully execute in the field.


    1. K.V. Raman

      K.V has over three decades of experience in many areas of international agriculture and rural development. During his early career he did his MS and PhD research in grain legume improvement at the University of Reading, U.K and the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan, Nigeria. After his PhD he joined the College of Agriculture & Life Science at Cornell University to complete his post doctoral research on potato improvement.
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    2. Syed Rizvi

      Syed Rizvi: Professor of Food Process Engineering and International Professor of Food Science at the Cornell Institute of Food Science. He focuses his research on experimental and theoretical aspects of bio-separation processes, extrusion, physical and engineering properties of biomaterials and other novel food processing technologies. Derivative goals include new techniques for measurement and control of processes and properties for industrial applications.
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    3. Vijayaraghavan

      Vijayaraghavan: Co-founder of Sathguru Management Consultants, has been a Certified Management Consultant engaged in consulting for several corporate ventures, financial institutions, venture capital bodies, government and NGO bodies for the last 21 years. He is known for his association with several successful agribusiness, food and biotech ventures in USA, South Asia and South East Asia. He is associated with Cornell University in several of its life science related strategic initiatives.
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    4. S. P. Raj

      S. P. Raj: Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications, Brand Management and Marketing Strategy. He comes to Cornell from Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management, where he spent much of the past 10 years as senior associate dean and held the title of Distinguished Professor of Marketing. His areas of interest are quantitative methods, new product development, and marketing communication.
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    5. Ronnie Coffman

      Ronnie Coffman: Ronnie Coffman is the International Professor of Plant Breeding and Director of International Programs of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Cornell University. He also serves as Principal Investigator of the Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project (ABSPII). Coffman`s work has been important to the development of improved rice varieties grown on several million hectares throughout the world. He has collaborated extensively with institutions in the developing world and has served as a board member for several international institutes.
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    6. Larry Van De Valk

      Larry is Executive Director of the Empire State Food and Agricultural Leadership Institute, or LEAD New York, a leadership development program for adult professionals in the food, agricultural and natural resource industries.
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    7. Anil Netravali

      Anil Netravali is the Faculty Fellow at the Atkinson Center for Sustainable Future (ACSF) and Site Director for Cornell activities for NTC. He is a famous name associated with Green Composites. Currently he is a member of the Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR) and Cornell Center for Global Sustainable Enterprise (CGSE).
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    8. Ram Rao

      Ram Rao: Adjunct Professor of Food Science, Cornell University; Former National Program Leader of Food Science and Food Safety, USDA-NIFA. Department of Agriculture. Ram provides leadership in identifying emerging issues of national importance, program reviews, and grants management in the area of food science; provides linkage in the partnership between the Land-Grant universities and NIFA in food science and develops budgets and policies for food science. Read More | Email:

    9. Dr. Jose Luis Rueda

      Dr. Jose Luis Rueda has served for the past six years as the Senior Environmental Specialist at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank in Washington, D.C. He has held posts in international research and development for over 20 years, and leads and manages many Agribusiness ventures in Latin America. In his current role at the International Finance Corporation he oversees development and administration of Agribusiness strategic alliances, joint ventures, and networks, to reach excellence in cross-continental programs, including challenging conflict environments. He has a background in developing fundraising strategies and donor relations programs for global initiatives. Dr. Rueda is the founder of the Consortium for Sustainable Resource Development of the Andean Region (CONDESAN) in South America. His most recent Agribusiness projects include Greenhouse production of Tomato in Mexico and Asparagus and Artichoke production in Peru. He is multilingual in English, French, Spanish, Italian, good understanding of Portuguese, and rudimentary knowledge of Swahili. Read More

    10. John Ruff

      Mr Ruff retired in 2008 as senior vice president, Global Quality, Scientific Affairs and Nutrition, for Kraft Foods. Prior to joining Kraft, Mr. Ruff was a technical brand manager for Procter & Gamble in England. During his 36-year career with Kraft and the former General Foods, Mr. Ruff worked in six countries and gained experience in product and process development for beverages, coffee, confectionery, desserts, and meals. He has led major basic research programs in sugar and salt substitutes, food safety initiatives, and “greenfield” site startups. Mr. Ruff headed research and development groups for both Kraft International and North American businesses where he successfully integrated the technical operations of numerous acquisitions, established global centers of expertise and led a worldwide advisory council consisting of external experts who helped guide Kraft’s health and wellness initiatives. Mr. Ruff served on the Institute of Medicine (IOM) committee on strategies to reduce sodium intake. He is a past president of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and the International Life Sciences Institute, past chair of the Food Processors Association (NFPA), past chair of the IFT Foundation, and a fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology in the United Kingdom. Mr. Ruff received his M.A. in biochemistry and a B.A. in natural science from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. | Read More

    11. Ragunathan

      Kannan Ragunathan is one of the director of Sathguru Management Consultants and heads the Information Technology practice of Sathguru. Ragunathan is a Fellow Chartered Accountant, a Fellow Management Consultant and a systems specialist. He is an eminent expert in application of information technology solutions in the agriculture and food sector for supply chain and last mile delivery integration. His expertise spans over designing and developing solutions using mobile and hand held technologies and integrating them with server based technologies on a multi-platform delivery basis. He leads a team of innovative developers who design solutions for solving real-life problems of agronomy at field level and integrated them for speedy information delivery. He is a member of DFK international, a network of global business advisors providing cross country advisory support for multinational agri and food enterprises.
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    Who should Attend

    The global Food and Agri Business Management Program is a leadership development program that helps the professionals gain valuable perspective on the industry. As such all agri input companies, policy planners, regulators, bankers, food retailers and academia can attend this program to utilize the knowledge sharing sessions and make and bring more value to their respective organizations and industry.


    The program aims beyond personal development of the participant and extends to enterprise development.-

  • Creates strong technology awareness and access strategies.
  • Enhances and promotes strategic capabilities through exposure to current global and domestic trends and perspectives.
  • Introduces and analyzes factors contributing to the integration of the food chain and its relevance to various facets of the agriculture and food industry.

  • Policy Makers

    The Food and Agri Business Management Program 2016 is beneficial for the policy planners as well. -

  • Creates strong technology awareness and access strategies.
  • Enhances and promotes strategic capabilities through exposure to current global and domestic trends and perspectives.
  • Introduces and analyzes factors contributing to the integration of the food chain and its relevance to various facets of the agriculture and food industry.

  • Food Retailers

    From the Food and Agri Business Program 2016 food retailers get an excellent opportunity to learn about and respond to the -

  • Increased need of strategic planning to meet food requirement and supply.
  • The need of focusing strategies on long-term sustainability and supply security.
  • Requirements of learning and implementing new technological methods to increase the shelf-life of products and other ways to keep food secure.
  • The need of effective customer support management.

  • Food Processing Sector

    Professionals from food processing industries can join the program to know –

  • The latest trends in the food processing market that are initiating compelling changes.
  • Helpful innovation and technologies for processing food in a better method.
  • New policies and regulations governing the industry.
  • Useful management strategies to utilize the growing opportunities in emerging markets adopted in the food processing industry.

  • Academia

  • Helps gain focus on research based on current and emerging topics of the industry.
  • Encourages understanding the sector with relation to new mechanisms and technology transfer.
  • Promotes transmission of new learning systems coupled with technology trends expressed through research results.

  • Program Venue & Date

    Date: 12 – 22 June, 2016
    Venue: Cornell University, Ithaca ,NY, USA.

    Program Fee

    Course Fee
    In USD
    Program Fee
    Early bird Nomination

    Program Fee is $6400 with an early bird nomination fee of $5600 if nominated prior to 1st February 2016.


  • Nomination for the program will close on 12 May, 2016. Program dates include arrival and departure dates .
  • Twin occupancy request will be accepted only if both the participant are from same organization.

  • Testimonials

    " Very practical curriculum with live examples of different agribusiness models has enabled us to understand the ground realities of successfully conducting agribusiness" - Asim Parekh, Coca Cola

    " The program has helped to develop a great perspective on global trends in agriculture and food processing through discussions and field visits "- Harshdeep Singh, Tata Chemicals

    " Quite simply, the most useful agri business program in India; mind changing insights, superb networking opportunity; the speakers were most exceptional and outstanding in their fields. Suitable, up-to-date and crisp lecture content " - Shreekant M Amin, Reliance Industries

    " Broadened thought process.. useful in conceptualization of new schemes and programs " - B B Singh, Tata Chemicals

    " The length, breadth and depth of the short program was amazing. I am immensely benefited " - Shashank Mauria, ICAR

    " Exposure to new ideas, learning about new trends in agribusiness and networking were the key elements of this program " - Mr. Yeshil Mehta, Deepak Fertlizers and Petrochemicals corporation limited

    " New ideas on technology in the global scene " - Puneet Davar, Tropilite Foods

    " An excellent interactive and practical program highly worthy of appreciation " - Md. Golam Rabbani, Department of Environment, Bangladesh

    " A practical program which showcases the ground realities of the Agribusiness and helps us understand the mutlifaceted Industry " - Dr.Saikat Datta Mazumdar, ICRISAT

    " Very good 9 day exposure to new and successful business models from experts and participants " - Mr.Francisco Tolomia Molas, Del Monte Philippines

    " Program is well structured and well conducted. Learned many new things about food processing and value addition. The faculty are well experienced & their presentations are excellent to a highly competent group " - Mr. K T Manjunath, IFFCO

    " Great program. The course is very good and informative. Opens the mind to global perspectives" - Bikramjeet Singh, ABN Amro Bank

    " A highly informative program for a banker enabling him/her to look into the key areas before financing " - Mr.Subrata Gupta, NABARD

    " Thought-provoking program, got to learn new trends and ideas in agribusiness " - Ms. Pushpinder Kaur, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

    " Learned best strategies for novel food development " - Mr. Sanjeev Bisht, ITC Limited - India

    "Stimulating program, got new ideas and learnt new practices on conservation of the nature and sustainability " - Dr. Raisul Alam Mondal, DoE- Bangladesh